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Akshaya Retail Business Consulting Program

Path to profitability*

Are you in retail business? Looking for retail business consulting to solve your problems? Akshaya Retail Business Consulting Program was launched earlier this year to solve some of the common issues retailers encounter:

  • Want to grow retailing business, and need help?
  • Problems are plenty; opportunities  too but where should one start?
  • Where is the maximum amount of money invested in retailing?
  • Where do retailers spend the maximum amount of their time?
  • What are retailers' biggest challenges or the opportunities?

People - Customers:  Talking to your customers to close the sale?

Product Management:  Spending time with the vendors selecting the merchandise?

People - Staff:  Spending your effort in follow-up with your staff, who don't do what they are supposed to do?

Profits:  Worrying about all these problems or opportunities?

We will help you solve it, you gain confidence. Then, work on the next big problem or opportunity and work your way up.

Take this simple test now:

  1. Are you on track to achieve your sales target this year?
  2. Have your improved the stock rotation in this year?
  3. Is some of your inventory just unsaleable?
  4. Are you on track to achieve your profit target this year?

Join Akshaya Retail Business  Consulting Program

Start from a business plan, redefine your customers, set up Inventory rules, Group Problem solving sessions

When:  Every Tuesday from 10 am to 12 noon on Skype type Online classes.

Free: - One Face to Face meeting

Duration:  12 Sessions in 3 months.

Investment Fees:  Rs. 20,000 for any 4 sessions

Who will benefit? Owners of Small and Medium Retailers from anywhere in the world.

Language:  English and Hindi and Q & A in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil as required.


Shivaram, Ex Tanishq on Retailing

Srinath Ranga - Digital Marketing

Track Record

Our Founder Mr. Shivaram was Tanishq's Head of Merchandising, Training and Regional Sales etc. for over 10 years. He set up Retail Gurukul in 2012, and over a hundred companies have benefited from our expertise and experience.

Retail Gurukul has a proven track-record and practical approach to problem solving.Understanding the uniqueness of each client, working on their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses has been the benchmark of each engagement. The Team has worked with Small & Medium Size Single Stores, Large Single Stores, Family Run Chains, Professional companies and International Organisations as well.

To help you achieve extra-ordinary results, Retail Gurukul’s Expert Business Consultants will work with you on Merchandising, Motivating your teams, cost- effective marketing solutions and hand-hold you too, to better profitability than ever before.


Retail Gurukul clients have seen higher profits from improved cash flows, motivated staff, committed vendors and significant improvements in stock rotations from a 0.25 to 0.60 in the plain jewellery category in less than a year and 0.25 to 0.5 in Diamond studded jewellery.

Want to know what our Retail Business clients say?

Would highly recommend to all jewellery retailers. Thank you for the valuable knowledge look forward for more such sessions.

Vaidehi Jewels

Shivaram is an authority in Art and Science of Retailing.

Tushar Phule