For B2B Staff

Selling Skills for Higher Sales


Vision: -

It is our vision to be the best boutique consulting and training company for retailers and manufacturers.

Objectives: -

  1. Improve the profitability of your B2B business, ex. the cost of developing new products with uncertain future sales.
  2. New product development cycle and selling skills of B2B staff
  3. Reading the mind of the retailers/ buyers
  4. How to develop a repeat and profitable business

Target Audience: -

Manufacturers, Traders, Wholesalers who supply to Small & Medium Size Single Stores, Large Single Stores, Family Run chain Stores, Professional managed companies

Company profiles: -

These programs are suitable for progressive retailers only. Manufacturers can be small manufacturers, large sight holders with multiple factories, Professionally run companies, Organisations who promote metals like Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Coloured stones etc.

Methodology: -

Presentation of carefully prepared content on the Best Practices, in depth discussions on specific action points and live problem solving

Duration: -

  1. Offline face to face workshops of half and full day anywhere in the country and abroad
  2. Online Workshops of one hour each for 8 days on Skype, FaceBook Live, You Tube etc.
  3. Long term Cost Effective customised consulting assignments along with programs

Experience & Expertise: -

Our experienced team of Consultants and Trainers, have headed large buying teams at Tanishq, worked with large National Brands to improve their buying and stock turns, Diamond Sight holders to improve their b2b businesses, even wholesalers in Zaveri Bazaar etc. Our founder Shivaram is a popular industry level speaker and has extensive contacts and understanding of the industry practices - inside out !

Our teams have also worked with owners and buying teams at Tanishq, WHP, Manubhai and multiple retailers across India and Abroad.  They have also trained retail staff of almost every major jewellery retailer in the country, from chain stores like Tanishq, Malabar Gold, GRT, WHP, TBZ, Prince, Orra to single stores like Manubhai, Zaveri and Sons, Alankar etc.

Our teams have consulted, trained suppliers in public programs, conducted short term in-house training programs, consulted with manufacturers

So, with all humility, we claim that we understand and know the opportunities and problems on both sides of the business. Our clients trust us to deliver and we have.

Results Expected: -

Our workshops are typically an overview of the “ inside the minds” and buying habits and processes of buyers. Typically, resulting in a much better understanding of where vendors can pitch in effectively.

Our consulting assignments are transformative in nature, right from design concept, assortment development, proto development, demonstration kits for sales staff, training on reading buyers minds, developing relationship with buyers, integration into their supply chain etc. These typically take 6 months to 12 months even for progressive suppliers to see significant results.

Pricing: -

Pricing per participant varies from Rs. 7,500 for a half a day public workshop to Rs. 15,000 for a full day public program.

Consulting fees for private sessions will are based on the outcomes expected, the duration of the assignment etc.

Would you like to improve your business?

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A few examples of our many programs

A 2 Hours Introductory workshop for a high end diamond and polki jewellery vendor in Mar 2017

A One and half years program to enhance business for a large B2B Diamond jewellery manufacturer with significant chain store business. Learnings and Opportunities. Click for more