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Looking to improve your retail business, but not sure?  Get a 30 minutes free Retail Business Consulting at our Business Clinic.

In a traditional industry, such as ours, it is easy to stay in the past and hope to continue with the status quo.

But, it takes courage to come out of the comfort zone. It takes guts to experiment with new ideas. Successful brands and businesses have been built by such people who took calculated risks. Tanishq, Malabar Gold, Senco, Joyalukkas are some of the more famous examples. There are a number of others who are not so famous, yet very successful. Want to become successful too?

There are many ways of improving retail businesses. Some are successful, many are not.

Shivaram, our Founder was part of the Tanishq’s roller coaster of a story for over a decade and you know how successful Tanishq is today.

It takes our kind of experience and expertise to know where to start, where to go and how to go there, or even, where not to go.

Retail Gurukul has already helped businesses from Mumbai to Gorakhpur, Kota to Cochin, South Mumbai to Bandra to Borivali, to improve.

A few years ago, many of them were in your place. Today, they are doing better, much better. Don't you want to be there too?

People - Customers:  Do you more customers now than before? Or are they going to your competition.

Product Management:  Is merchandise buying an art or a science?

Promotions - Marketing:  Are you spending where it matters, to get the customers you want?

People - Staff:  Are they making a difference to your profits?

Profits:  Are you happy with the profits you are making?

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  1. Are you on track to achieve your sales target this year?
  2. Have you improved the stock rotation in this year?
  3. Is some of your inventory just unsaleable?
  4. Are you on track to achieve your profitability target this year?

Want to improve? Set up a 30 minutes free Retail Business Consulting @ our Business Clinic

Track Record

Our Founder Mr. Shivaram was Tanishq's Head of Merchandising, Training and Regional Sales etc. for over 10 years. He set up Retail Gurukul in 2012, and over a hundred companies have benefited from our expertise and experience.

Understanding the uniqueness of each client, working on their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses has been the benchmark of each engagement.Retail Gurukul has proven track-record and practical approach to problem solving.The Team has worked with Small & Medium Size Single Stores, Large Single Stores, Family Run Chains, Professional companies and International Organisations as well.

To help you achieve extra-ordinary results, Retail Gurukul’s Expert Business Consultants will work with you on Merchandising, Motivating your teams, cost- effective marketing solutions and hand-hold you too, to better profitability than ever before.


Retail Gurukul clients have seen higher profits from improved cash flows, motivated staff, committed vendors and significant improvements in stock rotations from a 0.25 to 0.60 in the plain jewellery category in less than a year and 0.25 to 0.5 in Diamond studded jewellery

Want to know what our Retail Business clients are saying?

A fantastic learning for all retailers in the jewellery industry - with all this experience, Shivaram is a mega store of knowledge. Highly recommended!

Kapil Hematsaria,

It was great experience talking with Shivaram Sir ….When we talk to a brilliant and experienced person, surely we get lots of new knowledge and advice, which once again I experienced.

Shiju Sudevan