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There is lack of price uniformity in Kundan jewellery. Jewellery with similar Kundan work are priced differently at different stores. How can we convince our customers in this situation?

Comparison Shopping is here to stay! And Comparison pricing questions are a common topic here @askGurukul are here to stay too! I have answered this question in earlier issues, answered a similar question on diamonds just above!


Every customer would like to get a good value for their money! While it is currently difficult to compare Kundan pricing of different retailers like that of a 1 carat solitaire VVS- EF, here are some of the key points to use to make the sale.

  1. Assuming that the Kundan is of the same quality at both the stores, then the purchase prices are also likely to be somewhat similar and not drastically different. Hence, check if your selling prices are also some what in the same range.
  2. If not, unless you have something very different to offer in terms of design, store brand value, shopping experience etc , you are unlikely to be able to command a significantly higher price consistently. We are not talking about a one off sale.
  3. Can you make a list of the top benefits of buying from you store! Legacy, Brand Value, Design Uniqueness, Quality, Exchange Policy, Buy Back, Gold Purity, Gross weight Vs Net weight selling policies etc etc.
  4. Again, why not buy a couple of competition pieces to understand their quality, their pricing etc. This will not only help you understand the competition, but also help you be better prepared for any questions.
  5. Remember, that the prices quoted by customers may not always be for an identical piece of Kundan jewellery.
  6. Finally, if you are an important retailer for your vendor, then ask for exclusivity for the designs you buy from them, so that it is not a direct comparison between two retailers.