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Selling Skills for Higher Sales - Retail Jewellery Training


Our Retail Jewellery Training programe will give insights to your staff on Selling skills,  Customer Focus, Customer management,  & Merchandising techniques and motivating them can significantly increase your profits.

Objectives of Retail Jewellery Training

  1. Improve the profitability of your business
  2. 12 Ps of Retail Jewellery Training - Starting from Purpose of the business, Business Plan, Property, Inside Place, People(Customers), Products, People (Staff), Processes, Performance Metrics, Promotion (ATL & BTL), and finally leading to significant improvement in profits.

Target Audience for Retail Jewellery Training

  1. Small & Medium Size Single Stores
  2. Large Single Stores
  3. Family Run chain Stores
  4. Professional managed companies
  5. Progressive retailers.

Retailer Profiles

Retailers can be Single Stores, Family run multiple chain stores, Professionally run Stores, Organisations who promote metals like Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Coloured stones etc.


Presentation of carefully prepared content on the Best Practices in retail jewellery training, in depth discussions on specific action points and problem solving.


  1. Face to face workshops both half and full day anywhere in India and overseas.
  2. Online Workshops of one hour each for 8 days on Skype, Facebook Live, You Tube etc.
  3. Long term Cost Effective customised  self-learning programs on WhatsApp/Facebook.

Training Languages

We train staff in Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Gujarati and a combination of Hindi, English and other languages depending upon the staff comfort.

Experience & Expertise

Our experienced team of Retailers, Content Developers and Trainers have trained over 6000 retail store staff across every major jewellery retailer in India.

  • From chain stores like Tanishq, Malabar Gold, GRT, WHP, TBZ, Prince, Orra to single stores like Manubhai, Zaveri and Sons, Alankar etc.
  • We have trained your staff across more than 35 locations in the country from Mumbai to Kolkata, Delhi to Trivandrum, Mangalore to Lucknow. In Mumbai itself, we have worked with retailers from Worli, Dadar, Bandra to Borivali and beyond.
  • Our teams have trained your employees in public programs, in-house training programs for multiple retailers, organisations like Platinum Guild International(PGI), Rio Tinto, the Gem and Jewellery Skill Council of India (GJSCI) etc.

One of our large and successful projects was for the PGI where we trained over a 1000 staff from almost every major retailers across 19 cities in under 2 months.

Results Expected

  • Staff who are thus trained can be expected to become significantly more aware of their responsibilities towards delivering a much better customer experience.
  • Our studies have shown that staff trained by us have shown sales increases of over 20 % in the following months.
  • Co-branded Final examination and certification. Along with 100 % HallMarked jewellery, 100 % Certified stones, companies can also add 'Certified Sales Staff' to their marketing campaigns to communicate with their customers.

Marketing Benefit

Like a store has 100 % Hall Marked Jewellery, 100 % Diamonds are Certified, you can also say 100% Certified Staff.


  • Half day workshop -Rs. 1,500 per employee 
  • Full day workshop -Rs. 2,500 per employee

In house training prices are based on content, number of participants etc.

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