2 Myths of Selling Jewellery

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Let me start with a true personal story of mine.

I had gone to buy a “bathroom sink” for my home, from my nearby physical retailer.

I did not know the different sinks that are available and their prices.

Imagine, the salesperson started talking about the different models and with each of them, he started telling me the price and automatically mentioning, there is a 10% off on the model.

For someone who was not even aware that there was an “automatic discount” without even asking for it, the salesperson “educated” me on that.

And then, of course, I insisted and got a slightly higher discount even.

What is the learning from the story?

Not every person is “aware” of the discount but if offered automatically, will definitely take it.


Every customer wants a discount.

Bargaining is a “habit”.

But, there are a lot of “brands” who offer a fixed price even in our country and have succeeded.

When the next customer walks in, watch the words used by your sales staff.

Who is the first person “talking” about “discount”?

Is it the customer or the salesperson.?

If it is the Sales Person, you need to train him/ her.

The training will be “if the customer is not asking for a discount on her or his own, why should he offer on his own?”

For a business used to offering discounts without the customer even asking, it will surely take some time, effort and training to change the habit.

A training session with Retail Gurukul is a good way to start too.

Training that is done in multiple languages on Zoom Video Meetings.

If the customer is the first person to ask for a discount, there are different ways of handling that, and we discuss that in another article.

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Myth # 2.

Customers want to see a lot of stock to make a choice.

Customers, in reality, want the right product at the right price when they are out shopping.

It is a fact that a customer is choosy and wants to see a “wide” selection before making the final decision of buying or not.

But, often, it is in the “selling skills” of the Sales Person.

Often, most salespeople are “showing” the merchandise rather than selling them.

They are then “reading” the tag for the price, the weight or the size of the products.

Are your salespeople like that too?

If your salespeople can actually sell the merchandise, then you don’t need a huge inventory of products to sell.

Remember, you have invested a lot of your hard-earned money and yet, because of poor selling skills, you have slow-moving inventory.

We call it Golden Furniture.

Like the furniture in a store, these are also not moving.

That is adequate proof that your sales staff is not selling effectively.

Am I Right?

If you want to improve your sales and the business, you need to invest in training the salespeople to “sell” the merchandise rather than “show” the merchandise.

PS: When was the last time you have you paid a professional trainer to come and train your sales staff?

Most businesses have never really trained their staff to “Sell”.

Not once since they started the business.

Most of the learning by the salespeople is by “listening and overhearing” their colleagues when they are “showing” the merchandise.

Thus, a new salesperson is also learning to show rather than sell.

Make the required investment today and get expert trainers from Retail Gurukul to train your sales staff.

In this world of technology, all it takes is a few hours for a few weeks to train them on a video call.

We can conduct training in multiple Indian languages.

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