Dear Jeweller,

The Past

Diwali season is over.

How was business?

OK ?

In Good old times, just having a store and jewellery taken on credit helped to do good business. Customers would be in the store, even before you opened for the day?

Gold rates were increasing continuously too.

Demand was growing, so there was hardly any worry about competition either. Right ?

The Present

Looks like the Golden times are over. Just like the King of Good Times?

Customers are more careful of their money,

Gold rates are dropping,

Competition is increasing, and vendor payments are higher than ever before?

If you are waiting for customers to come and buy from you like in the Golden Time, then it is less likely that will happen.

Even the Government is not talking about Atmanirbhar program.

We have a program called “30 Days Growth Challenge For Your Business

What are we going to show you in this 30 Day Growth Challenge?

  1. Goals– Why do you need to set goals for yourself and your business? How can you set these goals? How to achieve your goals?
  2. Walkin Thermometer– What is walkin Thermometer? Why is it important for you to track your walkins? How can you track your walkins efficiently?
  3. Inventory Management – How to manage your inventory? How to remove the Dead Golden Furniture of slow-moving stock?
  4. Customer Service– What kind of Service are you providing to your customers? How can you improve your customer service and take it to the next level?
  5. Sales Staff How important is your sales staff for your business? How can you motivate them to sell better? How can you improve their selling skills?
  6. Monthly Installment Program– How Monthly Installment Works? Why should you have a monthly installment program in your store? How does a monthly installment program help in your business?

You will get one video lesson every week, where you will know what to do in the next 30 days.

You can download the video and watch it at your convenient time.

Each video lesson is less than 12 minute video on each topic and there is CTA (Call to Action) for you at the end of every video which you and your team have to execute in the next 30 days.

A minor effort from you, but a giant step for your business.

You can click on the link to register for the 30 days growth challenge for your business”.

So, what is your Goal for the next 30 days?

Continue with what you did


Want to achieve your goal.

What can be a goal for now and the future?

  1. Build a business ready for the New World of 2021
  2. Fulfill a personal dream of …
  3. Fulfill a family dream of …

In the current scenario, attempt to fulfill your goal.

We can either Perform or we will unnecessarily perish.

If you don’t make the effort from now on, then your competitors will and they will get the fewer customers in the market.

In fact, some of them may already be ahead of you.

So, do you want to Perform better than ever before and better than others ?

It is a 3 Step Success Formula.

  1. Create a simple plan of what you want to achieve in 30 days from today.
  2. Then execute on those plans.
  3. Enjoy the benefits faster than ever before.

But there is a problem. 

Creating that simple plan is a challenge. Especially if you have never “made” it or implemented it.

Let me share a truth, after working with over 500+ jewellers like you.

Starting off is the toughest thing to do.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears, says a saying..


If you are ready to take the challenge, then we are here to help.

Here are the 6 Video Lessons

  1. Goals – How to set your goals
  2. Walkin Thermometer – How you can add a Rs 3.6 crore business per store per year
  3. Inventory Management– The problem with the Golden Furniture
  4. Customer Service– Offering a great 5 Star Service
  5. Sales Staff– How they make all the difference between Purchase or No-Purchase
  6. Monthly Instalment Program– The hidden opportunity you are missing out

Oh, I have a surprise!

We have not one, not two, not three but four bonuses for you!

  1. A great video on how a Coach can help you
  2. A special session with your Coach and Retail Guru Shivaram Sir himself! A session that he typically charges up to 10,000 per session for private clients! And it’s free for you as a bonus.
  3. Exclusive Facebook and WhatsApp Group to join and benefit from.
  4. Retail Gurukul Loyalty Club – Silver, Gold, Diamond Levels to benefit from

The normal investment is INR 2001 but unrefusable investment is INR 999.

This offer will be available only for limited time.

Click on the link to register:- 30 Days Growth Challenge