5 Key Takeaways from Retail Selling Skills Workshop Everybody Needs to Sell

5 Takeaways from Skills Workshop
Selling Skills for Everybody

If you want to know how to sell more, you better know why customers buy – Steve Ferrante.

Retail Gurkul recently conducted a Retail Selling Skills Workshop for Sales Personnel. Selling skills is an important skill set for any person, more so, for a person whose job is to sell. Retail Skills Workshops fill that critical need.

Objective of the Program

Frontend Retail Store staff rarely get opportunities to train outside their own store.

Opportunities to learn from different industry experiences.want to increase stock rotation

Participant Profile 

30+ Retail Store Staff from Jewellery, Watches, Spa, Mobiles from Bangalore, Mysore and Tamil Nadu participated.

They came from companies like Sai Gold Palace, Tanishq, Sangeetha Mobiles, Kanika, Orra, Senco, and Benzo Spa.


Each Sales Champion demonstrated their selling skills. This helped break the ice with different participants sharing very different experiences.This also ensured that they need to be able to come out of their comfort zones.

Various aspects of selling from importance of grooming, product knowledge, being ready for the sale, etc were presented in a structured manner.

Participants were made to write down specific action points to be able to improve their current selling process.

They they demonstrated their selling skills, including the learnings of the day.


Significantly improved sales performance was observed not just by the Sales Champions but also by the other Sales Champions. They also got critical feedback on how to improve their Selling Skills.

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 The 5 key takeaways for the Sales Champions

  1. Being always ready for the sale. It is important that you are adequately groomed for meeting the customers. This is especially so among men, where it is fashionable these days not to shave. If you are a smart groomed staff, then you have a better chance of making a sale, than your competitor who is not smartly groomed.
  2. You should invest your time and effort in increasing your Product knowledge. If you want to convince your customer to make the purchase.
  3. You are mostly alone at the time of making a sale. This means that there is hardly anybody, to help improve your selling skills on a day to day basis. A simple solution is to have a colleague join you, to ‘assist’ you at the time of sale and give feedback.
  4. Understanding the customer’s requirement is important. Spend time asking the right questions to the customer. This will only increase your chances of making the sale
  5. If you just try to push a product with out either understanding a customer’s needs, it is unlikely the customers will buy.

Each of the participants took away specific action plans to implement at the stores there after.

Interested in our Skills Workshops ? Retail Gurukul conducts such public and in house programs regularly. If you would like to have such a program, get in touch with us at +91 9036036524 or email us now.

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