Dear Jeweller,

The market is reopening.

In many places, lockdowns are being lifted.

The biggest question you might have in your mind is what will you do now to get back to usual business?

That’s why I have created something which will help you out in doing that.

I am hosting a webinar on the 11th of June Friday at 2 PM.

We will discuss:

1. How to Plan for the next 30 Days for Better Business?
2. How to manage your team for better performance?
3. What you have to in the store to run the operations smoothly.
4. How to do marketing to get customers.
5. What kind of Customer Service is required to get more sales.

So, If you want to know about the above-mentioned topic, then you should not miss this webinar.

Date – 11th June 2021

Day – Friday

Time – 2 PM

Register Now5 Things to Do After Lock Down for Better Business

If you have any question regarding this, please message us on 9632081405