5 Tips to maximise your purchases at IIJS + 2 Bonuses Things to do at India International Jewellery Show, Mumbai

IIJS Buying Tips

The India International Jewellery Show, Mumbai, popularly called IIJS is  being held again, at Mumbai from 9th August to 13th Aug, from 10 Am to 7 pm. It is by far the biggest and the most popular jewellery show in the country. https://iijs.org/index.php

How big is the exhibition?

More than 1200 exhibitors, 2000+ booths make the exhibition both an opportunity and a challenge to a retailer wanting to purchase the best at the lowest price. Traditionally, retailers have visited the gold section on the first day and the diamond jewellery section the next day.

With the IIJS becoming more and more popular, more suppliers want to set up stalls and more retailers want to visit the fair. So, the organisers have done well to expand both the number of days and the number of booth. Yet, the sections are overcrowded with multiple retailers from all across the India and 80 + other countries, visiting the booth from around morning till night and feeling tired by the end of the day with all the shopping and talking.

5 tips for retailers to maximize your time and effort at the fair.

  1. Dress: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. IIJS can be quite stuffy due to the humidity, rains and the crowds.  Comfortable cotton clothes are the best for Aug in Mumbai. Similarly, most retailers are not used to standing and walking throughout the day, it can be quite tiring to be walking from booth to booth for two full days! So, rather than wearing your regular foot wear, wear comfortable “walking shoes”.
  2. Plan to get in early: While many retailers are used to getting into the store in their city by 11 or even 12 noon, Mumbai traffic and the location itself are unpredictable, especially if you are not from Mumbai. Map to IIJS Exhibition. Even a Uber or an Ola can take considerable time to reach you at the hotel. The queues start early to get into the exhibition, and hence it is better to be at the queue by 9. so that you can get the maximum time inside
  3. Appointments: Identify which of the booths you want to visit in advance, especially those who are your regular vendors. Fix an appointment and visit them. The Vendors too will be expecting you, so you do not end up waiting for a “table” to be free or your regular sales staff to become free from servicing another retailer.
  4. Time Table: Create a time table and a route plan to move from booth to booth, so that you don’t lose time in moving from one corner of the fair to another corner.
  5. New Products: Keep some specific time for identifying new products that you want to add to your store, and a plan on how many products in each category would you want to add to store
  6. Bonus Attend a Seminar: A number of seminars are organized by IIJS in the Seminar Hall on the first floor, where leading retailers and experts share their views. Take time to identify and attend at-least one such seminar during your visit.
  7. Bonus Meet Mr. Shivaram: Oh yes, Mr. Shivaram, our Director of RetailGurukul.com is also going to be at the fair on 10th and 11th. If you would like to meet him, please contact 9036036524 to fix a meeting at the fair.

Use this template to fill your appointments and save it on your phone

10th Aug 11th Aug
10 to11 Name & Stall No Name & Stall No
11 to 12
12 to 1
1 to 2
2 to 3
3 to 4
4 to 5
5 to 6
6 to 7 Meeting with Retail Gurukul 9036036524 Meeting with Retail Gurukul 9036036524
Dinner meet










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