7 Principles Which Can Help Your Lifetime Dream of 1000 Cr. Business

These 7 principles can help your lifetime dream of a 1000 Cr. business.

Are you aware of the most powerful asset in your business?

Your single most important business asset is your MIND.

Your current capability has brought you to this level of business. But the next 10,100 or 1000+ requires a new mindset.

Your business only grows as quickly as you, your mind, and your thinking to do. If you want to create a Rs.1,000+ crore business, you must think like a Rs1,000+ Crore business owner.

You must in your mind’s eye already BE an Rs1,000 Cr.+ business owner.

The seven mindset principles below are crucial to building that Rs. 1000+Cr business.

Print this list, and refer to it often. Devoting as little as 15-30 minutes per day to shifting your mindset is the single best investment in building your Rs1,000+ Crore enterprise.


Great companies and outstanding business leaders do great things that leave a lasting legacy and make this world a better place for you and me.

Such leaders create CAUSES, not businesses.

If you want to get to the Rs1,000+ Crore level in your business, you must have at its core a “transcendent” purpose for its existence – a purpose that is bigger than yourself and your own self-interests.

Tanishq set out to transform the way jewellery was bought with its design and transparency. Today it is a 20,000+ Crore business in less than 25 years.

What is that BIG GOAL – Helping young customers buy affordable and daily wear jewellery in every city of the country with a chain of 100 Stores?


Whatever you focus on, that is what you will multiply in your business. If you focus on the problem, you will get more of the problem.

If you focus on finding a solution, the door will open to more solutions. Wherever your attention is, will drive your most probable outcome.

Where is your attention right now in your business – on the problem or on the solution?? How must you shift your attention in your business to get to the Rs1,000+ Cr level?

If you are running one highly successful business that gives you a 100 Cr, then you can copy and multiply the same 10 times to get to a 1000+ Cr.


What you think, you magnetize and attract. Your thoughts make your business and your world.

Eg., if you are attracting low income-producing or difficult customers, your beliefs about your income worthiness or about the kind of clientele that will want your products/services are attracting such marginal customers.

Your business is always a mirror of your own inner thinking.

To go to the next level in your business, you must first get to the next level in your mind. You must know the value you offer and raise your mental sights on the customers you want to attract.

What challenges do you have in your business currently? How do they mirror back to you your thinking?


Having hopes, dreams and visions of becoming a Rs1,000+ Cr enterprise is not enough to create it, although certainly a first step.

Deliberate creation comes from deliberate intention, from making a decision, that no matter what you will take your business to the next level.

When we come from a place of 100% committed intention, synchronicity and magic happen.

Finding the right people and resources to support your vision unfolds effortlessly.

Momentum pulls you toward your dreams. Are you in a wishful state or have you committed 100% to create your visions and dreams?

What will it take to be 100% committed?


Marketing is not a battle of products. It’s a battle of PERCEPTIONS. It all starts in the customer’s mind. Perceived value foremost, is what attracts customers to your business.

The real value keeps them. What are you doing to create perceived value in your customer’s minds?

Are you winning the battle of perceptions?


With every action, there is a consequence or outcome. While you cannot control the outcome, you can control and are responsible for your actions.

This principle tells us if you want a different consequence or outcome in your business, you must take different actions.

No matter what your current level of success, a Rs 1000+ Cr enterprise requires higher-level strategies and higher-level performance actions than your past efforts.

Where are you getting inferior outcomes or results in your business? What different actions can you take to create a different outcome? Identify the weakest links and work on them.


All riches are of the mind first. It is your MENTAL ATTITUDE that determines the difference between a floundering Rs10 Cr /year business and a booming Rs1,000+ empire.

“As you believe, so shall you receive.”

If you were to picture a Rs1,000+ business, how would that business differ from what you are operating now?? How differently would YOU need to be to run a Rs1,000+ business?

A FINAL NOTE: Mindset changes do not happen overnight. It takes persistent focus, effort and attention to shifting deeply embedded thinking to a new level.

Set yourself a target. You must talk about it to your family and well-wishers. You could even work with a Coach to help you.

This Laxmi Puja day, or your birthday, or even the beginning of next week, is a great day to achieve your dreams and working on them.

Remember, it is all in the mind or mindset and you can start with just 15 to 30 minutes a day.


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