Dear Retailer,


You have done well in the past. In fact, quite well.

Yet, the current season looks tough.

Tougher than any in the recent past.

The Diwali season is already here and you want to succeed.

Everyone wants to succeed to, including your competitors.


But, we know, only a few will succeed, many will fail.

But, the market is tough, customers are waiting and watching, competition is always increasing – both online and offline.

Besides you have large investments and have loans to pay too?

In this tough and competitive environment, there is an urgent need to perform! And perform well.

And we are here to help.

Tough situations don’t last, smart men do!

Introduction to Retail Gurukul and Shivaram.

I, Shivaram was the Head of Merchandising, Training and Regional Sales during a decade at Tanishq and another decade at Titan Watches in Distribution, Operations, etc. In 2012, I resigned to set up Retail Gurukul to help Small and Medium size retailers and their staff to “make money, more money than ever before”.

For proof, we have since worked with over 300+ businesses all over India and abroad, helping retailers build business plans, manage their marketing, optimise their inventories, motivate their staff and make more money than ever before.

If you want to improve your business and profits, I will show you the same method, that I have used to coach my clients.

1. Create a business plan:

What is a business plan?

Why it’s important for you to have a business plan?

How you can create a business plan.

2. Inventory Management techniques:

Inventory Planning – How do it right.

Buying Practices –What are the best buying practices?

Value Addition – How can you add value by keeping a right merchandise in your store

Ageing – How old are your inventory. It’s a critical part of inventory management.

Dead Stock – This is one of the biggest problem a retailer has today. Average retailer has 30% of dead stock. Do you have dead stocks too?

More or less?

What is the dead stock opportunity cost?

Want to know?

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Vendor Partner Relationship – How to create a win-win situation for you and your vendor.

Open to buy concepts.

3. Customer Relationship:

Lifetime Value of the Customer – How to create a long lasting relationship with the customer. In jewellery industry lifetime value of customer is very high if you can delight them and make them loyal customer.

Loyalty Programs – How to create loyalty programs for your VIP Customers. This helps in building the good customer relationship.

Pre Sales Monitoring When customers come to your store.

How to understand what they want & have the right merchandise ready for them.

How to deliver better customer service best on their personality type.

Better S.E.R.V.I.C.E.S = Higher SALES.

The selling process–understanding, selling and Closing.

4. Staff Management.

Training on Selling Skills.

Poor selling and motivation problem.

How you can implement an incentive program that motivates them

Firing – How to fire a staff, the correct way.

Keep your sales superstars.

How to build a culture in your store, so they want to stick with you.

Operations management and other best practices.

5. We will have a special question & answer session for your problems and opportunities.

You will get to learn many things all in one day!

It will be your best investment in one day on improving your business for now and into the future.

We are running an early bird offer, for those who are hungry to improve in these tough times.

Date and Day of the workshop -23rd Sept Monday 2019.

Location: 4 Star Hotel MG Road, Bangalore

Time: 9:30 AM to 5 PM

Price Rs. 10,000 plus GST = 11,800

Early bird offer Rs. 7,500 Plus GST = Rs. 8850. Last few seats on first come first served basis.

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Call Rahul on 9632081405 or Shivaram on 9036036524 for details