Golden Furniture

golden furniture

Have you observed that you are carrying a huge liability in your store? Daily, Monthly, Yearly and even for over a decade? Yes, the gold jewellery in your store, you are carrying a huge liability. Yet, we rarely recognise it. Do you know why? Like back pain, we are all[…]

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Change & Succeed – Tanishq’s Learnings

Change & Succeed

1993, Tanishq office in Golden Enclave, Bangalore. After a massive failed attempt to sell in diamond-studded jewellery as a brand in Paris, Europe, The Tanishq brand of 18 kt jewellery had been launched in the local market. It was failing here too. The logo itself looked like some Chinese Restaurant,[…]

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Become Your Mentor

Eli Goldrat

Today, I want to thank my Mentor Dr. Goldratt. I was Tanishq’s Head of Merchandising in 2009, when we were already doing well at about 130 stores, when like any large company, they send us to “residential“ training programs. They sent me to TMTC, Pune, the Tata’s Learning University. The[…]

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6 Things to do for a Great Diwali

Congratulations. The market has picked up, the gold rates are down, customers are back in the stores since Dussehra ! You have invested a lot of time, effort and money to make this Diwali. Right? But, there are still a few important jobs, that make this Diwali Sales, the best. Or,[…]

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