5 Tips to Better Retail Sales Management to grow your business. How your People(Customers), People(Staff), Competition can increase your business.

Congratulations!  Retail Sales is what makes a business. As an experienced retailer you have seen the ups and downs of your business and yet have succeeded. With constant changes in the business environment, you are always looking for some “Simple Fundas & Extra Dhandha/ Biz”? After all,  Understand and responds[…]

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Three Best Practices For Retail Store Operations


Successful retailers have succeeded by analyzing their own products and performance, competitor’s products, displays, events, pricing strategies, customer service, etc. This, in turn, helps them match new industry trends, develop top-class marketing strategies and outthink their competitors. Whether it is a corporate retailer and a big brand or a small[…]

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4 Sales Improvement Recommendations for Retail Jewellers


The 2017 Global Retail Development Index by AT Kearney, a Global Management Consulting firm says that India is number one on the list of thirty developing countries. India was in second place last year but have leapfrogged longtime leader China to claim the top spot. Meanwhile, the Indian Brand Equity[…]

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Top 10 Ways to Market Jewellery Online


Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around digital marketing, and rightly so. Having a good digital marketing strategy is very important to your company’s success. We at Retail Gurukul have tied up with Opteamize Cloud Solutions to get some insight about how jewellers can use online platforms to market their[…]

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The Retail Guru’s 4 Technology Predictions for Indian Retail


There is no doubt that technology has made a giant impact on the retail industry, and the transformation is only just beginning. What’s next for the future of technology in Indian retail business ? Our Retail Guru’s business consultant found that. 1. Increased Socializing The store may be brick and[…]

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Merchandiser – A Jewellery Consultant for the business. Key Responsibility Areas

A Merchandiser is an important job role that is finding place in the retail businesses across progressive retailers. The specific job description is: The individual is responsible for executing the merchandising strategy of the organisation. – Qualifications pack- GJSCI Occupational Standards. Merchandiser  is responsible to estimate the demand for the product. He[…]

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Why you need to Monitor your Partner’s Employees in Retail Business ! Improving Customer Service


In retail business, stocking inventory from big brands and selling to the consumers constitutes the main line of business activity. This is especially true of the Consumer Electronics Industry in India. Post the sale, the installation, demonstration of the purchased item is the responsibility of the Brand, which has its[…]

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