Dear Jeweller,


You have done good business last year. But now, it is all very different.

This New Normal has come with a new set of problems & Opportunities.

It was never like this before. We now need to accept and adapt and move forward, if we want to perform or we will all perish.

Plenty of Problems?

  1. Customers are not coming to the store.
  2. Gold prices can go up or come down too.
  3. Staff motivation is not very high either
  4. Fixed expenses required to be paid – business or low business.

Are you looking for Solutions?

We can either adapt or our business will soon close. We have already seen many neighbour’s close their business because they “played with the Gold rates”.

Better safe than sorry is the steady way to grow business even in these times.

Want proof?

Our clients have taken action since the Corona lock down and benefited.

Ex. A client in Maharashtra gave away masks in March and has seen his business grow !

Ex. Another client did online Gold sales in Akshaya Tritiya and benefited.

Ex. Yet another client just did 105% of their Feb Sales in July.

Ex. Many of our clients are doing 66% of their Feb sales already, with lesser expenses than before.


Would you like to benefit too?

If Yes, then our Retail Guru Shivaram Sir, can show you how you can do it.

He will show you the methods which he has used to help 400+ retailers in last 8+ years to increase their profits.

He has done 3 Mind Speak, 3 Pathashala webinars already, so you may know Shivaram Sir from Retail Gurukul

Want to join Shivaram Sir’s webinar and learn from him personally.

When: Thursday

Date: 1st October,2020

Time: 2 pm to 6 pm!

Where: Zoom online

Language: English & Hindi

You can watch it from the comfort of your home or office on your computer or mobile.

People from all parts of the country take benefit of our programs regularly. Have you attended his webinars before and taken benefits?

Yes, You would like to take benefit of it too? Right ?

Yes, Yes, Yes..

Below are the topics which he will discuss:

1. Do you want to make your New Normal business come true? Yes ?

  • How your Mind and Sub Conscious Mind can influence your business outcome.
  • Want to create a practical business plan, when you have never done it before?
  • How to get customers come back to the store?

So, do you want to become even more successful with a proper business plan? Yes ?

2.Customer Relationship:-

  • Lifetime Value of the Customer–How to create a long lasting relationship with the customer. In jewellery industry, lifetime value of a customer is very high (20 lakhs per a lifetime?), if you can delight them and make them a loyal customer.
  • Loyalty Programs–How to create loyalty programs for your VIP Customers. This helps in building the good customer relationship.
  • Pre Sales Monitoring–When customers come to your store, do you want to have the right merchandise ready for them? How to identify customers type so you can give them better customer service best on their personality type.
  • Post Sales Monitoring–Once they purchase from you. How can you make her shopping experience more pleasant? Do you like her to visit your store again and become your loyal customer?

3. Do you want to make your stocks more efficient? Yes ?

  • Assortment Planning–How you should do the right stock management
  • Buying Practices–What are the best buying practices a retailer must be aware of.
  • Value Addition–How can you add value by keeping a right merchandise in your store
  • Ageing–How old is your inventory. It’s a critical part of inventory management. You need fresh inventory to sell better.
  • Dead Stock–This is one of the biggest problem a retailer has today. In my experience,  average retailer has 30% of dead stock in his store.
  • How many dead-stock you have? There is an enormous opportunity to make more money here. Want to know?
  • Vendor Partner Relationship – How to maintain a good relationship with the vendor. How to create a win-win situation for you and your vendor. Without the vendors help, it’s difficult to have a product in a store which sells itself.

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4. Staff Management

  • Training on Selling Skills, Motivation (Incentives), keeping or even firing?

Do you agree, these are critical in the New Normal?

This kind of seminar is a must attend for Jewellery Retailers.


Trusted Consultant Shivaram will conduct the seminar. He was the Merchandising and Training Head at Tanishq during his 20+ years at Tanishq & Titan, before setting up Retail Gurukul in 2012.

He has since consulted with over 400+ clients all over India. These include Small, Medium and Large Jewellers, Family and Professionally run businesses. Clients have made thousands, lakhs, crores and multiple crores of rupees from his consulting services.

Would you like to gain from his deep insight into the problems and opportunities for family businesses ?

Yes, yes?

Do you want to improve your jewellery business? Yes, of course.

Schedule -1st October  2020.

Day – Thursday


Time–2 PM to 6 PM

The registration fees of the workshop are 4997+ 18% GST = 5900

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But this offer will not last long.

If you want to improve your jewellery business, then this is the opportunity you should not miss.

If you have questions regarding this workshop, then please call me. I am Rahul on 9632081405.

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