What’s Your Definition of Success?

What is Your Definition of Success? “Success is a test match. It is not really a T20 match” This really is a great quote.  Not only is it interesting but also inspiring. One truth that I find most frustrating as a coach is that many people believe that success, in[…]

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Top 10 Reasons to attend IIJS Signature Show.

IIJS Signature event

Are you looking for the latest market trends, designs, styles for your jewellery business? Only at IIJS Signature show – to be held at Mumbai from 10-13 February 2019. What is special about the IIJS Signature Show? The IIJS Signature Show showcases the finest display of jewellery collections from India’s[…]

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How can a store dashboard help you make more money?

Retail consultant tips to manage store dashboard

How can a store dashboard help you make more money? The dimensions of the retail landscape are changing.  Data is quickly becoming the decisive factor for retail management.  Analyzing customer persona and purchase behaviour has become absolutely essential for retailers to take decisions in pricing, marketing, inventory etc. All this[…]

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