We all can hope & pray,  the old normalcy comes back.

But the reality is, It will be a new normal from now on. Like it or not.

What can the new normal be?

  1. You will more stressed than ever before in your life.
  2. We will have less customers than before. At Least  for some more months to come.
  3. Customers will bargain more than ever before.
  4. And, staff will be more stressed – about their jobs

As an owner of the business, you want to ?

  1. Generate profits for the business.
  2. Get more customers – Which is not easy with pre-corona methods
  3. Reduce unnecessary costs.
  4. Manage bothe stressed out and demotivated staff – especially after salary cuts during Corona.
  5. Build a System, create a profit plan for the future and
  6. Not get stressed out like now.

My name is Shivaram and I have worked with over 400+ Small, Medium and Large businesses(L,XL, XXL) all over India and was Tanishq’s Training & Merchandising head for many years.

How have just some of our clients benefited since the lockdown?

  1. Client no.1  was able get 70% of his customers post lock down, for the work done during the lock down.
  2. Client no. 2 distributed 5000 face masks in a small Maharashtra village in Mar 20 with his branding. His business will grow upto 20% to 30% this year. He is already seeing completely new customers in a few days of store opening
  3. Client no. 3 staff restarted their monthly chit scheme and signed up a 100,000 per month client, in just 3 days of starting our program
  4. etc etc.. the list goes on and on..

Multiple clients have seen multiple and very large benefits from my programs by associating with me.

Next steps..

Lots of jewellers were asking me what’s next in this Covid Scenario.

That’s why I have created a video where I have discussed the current scenario and what is the way forward.

The video duration is 58 minutes.

What will you understand from this video?

  1. Now Vs Future.
  2. Golden Cage Vs. Golden Palace
  3. Where are you now?
  4. What are your visible problems?
  5. What are your hidden problems?
  6. What is your visible solution?
  7. What to do next?

I have also developed 10 Best Retailing Practices which can be used to improve your business.

You will get to know more about them in the video.

You can download the video and watch it at anytime you want.

Register here: Change to Succeed

Here’s what you have to do next:-

  1. Click on the registration link. Instamojo Link- Change to Succeed
  2. Our Payment Processor Instamojo link will open.
  3. Please make the investment of INR 999.
  4. Once you make the payment, you will get the option to download the video. You will also get an email with the link to download the video.
  5. That’s it. Download and watch the video.
  6. Get ready with your own way forward – Get inspired and Take Action.

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Best of luck


Director, Retail Gurukul