Dear Jeweller,

What is the one thing which matters the most in improving your business?

Getting more walkins into your store?

That’s the obvious answer.

Isn’t it?

While there are other factors involved which matters after the customer visits your store but the first step is to get them to visit your store.

Customer journey

Step 1. This month:

How many walk-ins are you getting right now?

Let’s say you have 15 walk -ins  visiting your store every day.

Which means 450 walk-ons  are visiting your store every month.

Some will purchase and become your customers and the rest will become Non Purchasers.

Question: But, If you can convert the enquiry into a “temporary customer”, that will also improve your sales. Not now, but in the future?

Ans: Probably? . 30 % chance?

Step 2. 3 to 6 months later:

Amongst the Customer group,  you will have 2 types.

  1. Regular or Loyal Customer – Who came back to purchase from you.
  2. Occasional or Irregular Customer – These may or may not visit you again.

The Regular Customers are your loyal customer.

Question: If you can make your Occasional or Irregular customers –  your Regular/Loyal customer, your sales will increase even more.?

Ans: Yes, Obvious. Isn’t it?

Step 3:

Question: How will you make them your loyal customer?

Answer: By building a steady relationship with them.

Question: How can you build the relationship?

Answer: Starting with collecting their contact details, and slowly and surely, building a relationship with them.

What details you need to collect:-

  1. Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Anniversary
  5. Address

Question:Once you have above details of a customer, then how can you build a “relationship”

Answer: You need a Customer Relationship Management Program, using which you can communicate to the customers.

Not any program, but a program which has worked for 7000+ retailers.

Sure, a lot of Billing Software programs, claim to offer a CRM. But, has it shown any results at all?

Question: What is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way of reaching your consumers?

Ans. Yes, good old SMS. And yes, inspite of so many new social media, for our customer profile, Young, Middle and old age women consumers, SMS still works. And Works Well too.

Which means that your SMS will reach all those who are open to receiving them.

Tele-callers not welcome, by some customers too.

Yes, in today’s time, people who don’t like to be disturbed by tele-callers ! So, a cost effective SMS works best for them.

And it will act as a reminder for those whom you can still speak too..

So, what are the benefits of a CRM?

Our CRM will help you in building better relationship with your potential customers and help you in bringing them back into your store again & again?

You can start with sending simple SMS like welcome back to ABC Jewellers.

Marketing– You can send marketing messages to the people. It can be video or images or you can send them any offer code or discount code.

BBLC (Bring Back Lost Customers) Can you bring back a Lost Customer?.

Remember, without any CRM, you can’t even try to bring them back ! But we can try with our CRM. It is tough as there are many reasons for the lost purchase. But it might be possible.

Ex. Suppose the reason was their design was not available, then you can ask them their details and tell them that once design is available, we will inform you.

This way you can collect their data. You can use that data to communicate to them, once that particular design is back at the store.

You can also entice them, with a special offers with the message. Even if you convert 20% of such “lost” non purchases, into customers, that will be extra revenue/Sales for which you are not able to generate today.

Alerts –  You can send them any alert after they purchased from your brand. For example, if somebody purchased, you can send a message 2 hours later which can say for Ex- “how was your experience visiting our store? Is there any feedback?”

Special Occasion – You can wish them on occasions like their birthdays and anniversary. This can help you in building better relationship & brand recall. You can give them a special offer or discount if they visit your shop on that day. People have a habit of buying something on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Loyalty Points – You can create a loyalty system for your regular customers. You can give them loyalty points based on their purchase value. You can ask them to redeem once it reaches a certain point within given period. You can even remind them that they have unused points. Ex. Amazon’s reminder. Prime Loyalty program member. You have an unused Prime Benefit

Lead Generation – You can send a Lead Generation campaign to your customers. For example, you are running any offer, you cans send a SMS saying this is the offer please click on the link to get the coupon code. Whoever will click on the link, you will get their details and then you can invite them to visit your store. Ex- If you send 1000 SMS and 50 people click on the link, then you will know who are those 50 people and you can contact them.

FMS (Feedback Management System) – You can send them messages saying please give us rating on Facebook, Google or any place where you want their feedback. You can even ask certain questions understand how was their experience buying from you.

Loyalty Membership Fees – Amazon collects 999 Rs for a year’s membership ! Now, that is a wonderful idea!, once you have settled into this amazing Loyalty Program

If you want the demo of the Retail Gurukul CRM, please call us on 9632081405.

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