Attitude matters, when it comes to Customer Care or Retail Sales Improve Attitude to improve Retail Sales

Attitude for Retail Sales
Attitude for Retail Sales

It is true that good customers make great Retail Sales. But, for retailers like you, your attitude determines whether the customer will buy from you or from your neighbouring retailer.  To generate, good retail sales, you must make a commitment to first making sure you, your employees and colleagues, have a great positive attitude before you focus on processes or products.

* What is attitude?

It’s a way of thinking or feeling about something.  It’s our  belief or our thoughts about something which is important for us. Example. Wanting to provide 5 Star Service is a belief and is important to you and your retail sales performance.

* Excellent customers service starts with a positive attitude.

If you want to provide customer service , you have to show commitment, that  you want to make other person’s day . That means you often have to find something to hold onto that is positive in your life.This can be anything like a promise you have made to a customer to get it done or just recognize a good service by an employee.

Only from that you  can genuinely set the stage for customers to be lifted up with an expectation of better things.
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* To understand the customer’s buying attitude, find out what the buyer has purchased in the past.

This will always result in understanding how your prospect is a buyer . For ex- If you are showing any product to the customer, you can ask him “ does he have similar products ?”. Once he answered, again you can ask, What does he like about it ?. Is it the color, the fit, the design etc. Probe. Every response, will provide you useful information about their buying attitude.

* You must have the attitude to deliver what you have promised.

The most common customer complaint is that, customers  have to wait for a long time to get Sales Executives to deliver their product. If you are slow in fulfilling orders, than you may lose your customer. Filled but abandoned shopping carts in retail stores are very common. Most customers are expecting you to deliver what you have promised. Your ultimate goal should be surpass their expectations.

* Understanding customers is the key to giving them excellent service.

Once you are able to understand what your customer want, deliver them their product before the deadline.

As a small business, you can offer a personal service to  the customers . That is a big differentiator in these times of Big Box – Chain Stores with mostly impersonal service. Even though an employee or a team can make a difference there too.

Ex. In each case, getting a product that is out of stock can be how you can help your customers with a positive attitude.

Understanding your customers and improving your service  must be a priority throughout your business.

Everyone from the front desk to the delivery staff should focus on the exceeding the customers’ expectations.


The ability to have a positive attitude in one thing that will ensure you are winner in the end. When you will have positive attitude people will find you irresistible. Nothing in your life will pay you more rewards than your ability to have and maintain your great attitude. People will not remember you for how much money you made or  how much success you achieved but for how you handled life and make others feel. Your attitude and your ability to have a positive influence on attitude of others will affect not only your sales but every area of your life.

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