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Attention. Attention. Attention.

Dear Owner

This is a secret message  

· Do you want more customers? Yes,

· Do you want more profits? Yes, Yes.

· Do you want more time for yourself? Yes, Yes, Yes,


. Have you come up with new ways of marketing? No.

· Have you found new ways of making more profits? No, no.

· Have you found new ways of making time for yourself? No, no, no.


· Customers are not loyal anymore. Agreed?

· Competition is increasing every day. Agreed?

. Margins on gold and making are going down. Agreed?

· Reliable vendors are difficult to find. Agreed?

· Staff is not good enough. You are constantly have to close the sales by yourself. Agreed?

· Customers are smarter, tougher, demanding all the time.

Life is tough inside the golden cage of your store.

There is dead inventory all the time

· Customers are asking “what’s new”.

· Staff is saying, Customer is TP–Time pass and no stock

· But really, in this Post covid season, anybody has free time to spend?

· Vendors are not dependable, like old times. Reminding you for payment all the time.

Truth is:

You are facing a lot of issues, but whom can you ask?

Whom can you trust with your problems?

Who can guide you, help you, support you?


You can’t ask your competitors?

You can’t ask your family?

You can’t ask your friends.

Bankers, of course, won’t lend you any money.


So, you are all alone, thinking, worrying, getting angry at everybody,

Losing your peace of mind and health?

And not sleeping well either?

So, what next?

So, is there a solution?

Is there a person like that who truly wants you to grow and be happy?

Is there a company who wishes the best for you all the time?

Trust worthy, reputed, experienced, performance oriented, deep industry knowledge, respected and proven?

Retail Gurukul is such a company that is known for its trust, reputation, experience, performance, deep knowledge, respected and with proven results


A client who doubled his stock rotation.

A client who says, his staff are saying, we don’t want more stocks, as our stock rotation is affected.

A client who says he got 10 times the return on his investment in Retail Gurukul

A client who considers him as the member of the family.

A client who increased his Sunday sales by 30% because of one idea alone.

A client whose non performing store turned around in less than 8 months during Covid.

And the list goes on..

Ask anyone you know who has worked with Retail Gurukul and you will find how they have benefited from Retail Gurukul.

Introducing Retail Gurukul

Shivaram and Abhijit, Directors were both colleagues in Tanishq for many years. Since 2012, Retail Gurukul team has helped, coached, consulted, mentored, trained more than a 1000+ clients all over India & Abroad to solve their clients’ problems and exploiting growth opportunities.

They use their special 360 Degree holistic approach to understand first and suggest later the problems and opportunities in various areas of the business.

Areas to Focus: 5 Main Areas

1. Planning your dream:

Dreaming about growing the business is easy, but to plan how to achieve the dream. That needs work.

Takeaway: Start with writing on paper your dream business at the workshop. We will hand hold you. Don’t worry.

2. Client (Not Customer any more) Acquisition and Retention:

Client is the most important person in the business and she is the person, who will pay our bills and help us earn profits.

Takeaway: How to get new customers, keep old customers, and sell them more.

How a 10% improvement can help you get 33% more business and profits.

3. Product and Services:

Clients come for purchase and it is our responsibility to have in store what they have in their minds. Yet, with so much of inventory and so much of it dead stocks called golden furniture, over 33% of clients go back without a purchase.

Takeaway: Identify how much stock is required to achieve your dream, how much of it is already available and what to do to fill the gaps, identify the golden furniture and ways of converting that to saleable stocks.

4. Staff Development and Performance:

The 45 minutes a staff interacts with the client is the “result” of all the efforts to achieve your dreams.

Takeaway: Learn key points on why is your staff the way they are, what to do to make them perform better and identify weaknesses and strengths to make them the best team ever.

5. Profits, Performance and free time for yourself

All the efforts and more required to achieve the dream, the profits, the free time to do what you always wanted to, but never found.

Takeaway: Create a daily timetable to track profits, work schedule and free time and what to carry forward

All these and more by getting Inspirations, Skills, Strategies, Insights, Tools, Relationships, Confidence to grow your business

Excited to want to do all this and more?

Make your dreams come true by starting off with a one day face-to-face workshop

When: A Day Before IIJS at Mumbai

Date: 3rd August, 2022

Time: 10 AM to 5:30 PM

Day: Wednesday

Where: Orchid Hotel(Mumbai)

Breakfast, lunch and 2 coffee sessions are part of package​


Investment Rs. 7,500 + gst

Just like airlines, fees are subject to change.

Learn product pricing at the workshop too.

Contact Details

Call Rahul on 9632081405   

About The Speaker

Shivaram A

Shivaram A

Shivaram is a much sought-after Coach and Mentor to Professional & family retailers, manufacturers across India and abroad. He has worked with 5000+ businesses, trained 15,000+ staff.

He established Retail Gurukul in 2012 as a boutique Coaching & Training company in 2012 with the vision of helping businesses get “organised”. 

His clients include S, M, L, XL, XXL businesses. 

These are family, professional, public limited companies, government bodies, international organisations, manufacturers, trade bodies, etc.

Earlier, he was with Titan Watches & Tanishq Jewellery for 20+ years during which he held handled multiple roles across Merchandising, Training, Sales, Supply Chain, Services etc.

He is a man full of practical ideas and has helped introduced multiple profitable new initiatives.

He is passionate about 5 Business Pillars – Planning, People-Customers, Product, Place and People-Staff. Inventory Optimiszation especially “non-moving-golden-furniture” is his passion.

What Clients Say

It has been a transformation for us
Bhavin Jakhia
OM Jewellers, Mumbai
I should have attended this program 5 years ago.
Kerala Jewellers. Chennai
Shivaram Sir’s ideas on marketing are all “emotional marketing ideas”. Ideas that worked for me.
Mahesh Thombre
Thombre Sarraf, Bead (Maharshtra)
Retail Gurukul and rather Shivaram ji is by far one of the ablest and professional persons I have met in a while. When we started, we had data but somehow we were not utilizing it in a better way to gain from the insights. The journey started with analyzing the data we were sitting on for years. We started as a pilot at the flagship store to see how we can achieve greater performance with data insights and other metrics.We took one step at a time and kept taking smaller steps to achieve more than 4 stock turn cycles in a year. It sounds unbelievable but it can be achieved if we take the right steps in the right direction. Last but not the least, I can say this with surety that Shivaram ji is that catalyst who can ignite the fire more and take the rocket higher in no time.
Nishit khimji
Khimji Dayabhai & Sons, Balasore, Odisha
Retail Gurukul