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G.R.O.W Your Business(Book)

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About The Book

The world has changed, customers have changed. Today, the whole world is the new market opportunity.  

Do you want to G.R.O.W your businesses & become successful? Yes, it looks like a dream. Isn’t it?

But dreaming is one thing, execution is another! Businesses need to adapt, change and move with the times. 

In the past, you could try & try again till you succeeded. But, now, you may or may not have the expertise or the time, to do it on your own. In fact, you should not try to do it all alone. Because, help is available. It is low risk. It is called Coaching. Yes, Take your agility & your adaptability and add some good advice from a trusted advisor, businesses built over decades can adapt, grow and prosper even more.

This Coaching book is focused on 3 areas 

1. What it takes to G.R.O.W your business 

2. How a Coach can help you grow your business 

3. Who is that Coaching Guru, who can help you grow your business?

The Consumer is ready. Ready, steady & go get this book to help you G.R.O.W your business. Now! World is waiting.

Do you want...

To make more profits?

Chapters in the book: (Total 27 Chapters)

About The Author

Shivaram A

Shivaram A

Shivaram ‘Sir’ is a much sought-after Coach and Mentor to Professional & family retailers, manufacturers across India and abroad. He has worked with 5000+ businesses, trained 15,000+ staff.

He established Retail Gurukul in 2012 as a boutique Coaching & Training company in 2012 with the vision of helping businesses get “organised”. 

His clients include S, M, L, XL, XXL businesses. 

These are family, professional, public limited companies, government bodies, international organisations, manufacturers, trade bodies, etc.

Earlier, he was with Titan Watches & Tanishq Jewellery for 20+ years during which he held handled multiple roles across Merchandising, Training, Sales, Supply Chain, Services etc.

He is a man full of practical ideas and has helped introduced multiple profitable new initiatives.

He is passionate about 5 Business Pillars – Planning, People-Customers, Product, Place and People-Staff. Inventory Optimiszation especially “non-moving-golden-furniture” is his passion.

What Clients Say

Shivaram Sir’s ideas on marketing are all “emotional marketing ideas”. Ideas that worked for me.
Bhavin Jakhia
OM Jewellers, Mumbai
I should have attended this program 5 years ago.
Kerala Jewellers. Chennai
Shivaram Sir’s ideas on marketing are all “emotional marketing ideas”. Ideas that worked for me.
Mahesh Thombre
Thombre Sarraf, Bead (Maharshtra)
Retail Gurukul and rather Shivaram ji is by far one of the ablest and professional persons I have met in a while. When we started, we had data but somehow we were not utilizing it in a better way to gain from the insights. The journey started with analyzing the data we were sitting on for years. We started as a pilot at the flagship store to see how we can achieve greater performance with data insights and other metrics.We took one step at a time and kept taking smaller steps to achieve more than 4 stock turn cycles in a year. It sounds unbelievable but it can be achieved if we take the right steps in the right direction. Last but not the least, I can say this with surety that Shivaram ji is that catalyst who can ignite the fire more and take the rocket higher in no time.
Nishit khimji
Khimji Dayabhai & Sons, Balasore, Odisha
Just finished reading G.R.O.W. Your Business. Nicely written and well illustrated. Congratulations.
Ravi Kapoor
Kays Jewellers, Kanpur
Retail Gurukul