You have done great work in 2019.

But, there were some challenges which you might have faced during this year which you found difficult to handle.

And, I am quite sure you don’t want to face those challenges again.


Retail Jewellery business has it’s own challenges but multiple opportunities.

Below are some of the major challenges which you are facing today.

Market has changed a lot and customers’ expectation has gone up.

Customers’ have more choices than they had before.

Staff’s are not motivated to sell more.

Competition has increased and gold rates are fluctuating.

You can turn obstacles into opportunity and make more profits in the year 2020 while your competitions are still figuring out what to do.

I believe, with a better planning and proper guidance, anybody can make this year the best year of their jewellery business.

The questions is, are you willing to take action?

If Yes, then I can show you how you can do it.

I will show you the methods which I  have used to help 300+ retailers in last 7 years to increase their profits.

I am doing a workshop on 12th February in Mumbai.

People from all over the country will come to attend this program.

Below are the topics which we will discuss in detail in this workshop.

How to make your new year resolution come true:- 

  • Mind and Sub Conscious Mind – Its impact on planning and execution
  • What is business plan?
  • Why it’s important for you to have a business plan?
  • How you can create a business plan?

Inventory Management:-

  • Assortment Planning– How you should do the right assortment planning for your store.
  • Buying Practices– What are the best buying practices a retailer must be aware of.
  • Value Addition– How can you add value by keeping a right merchandise in your store
  • Ageing– How old are your inventory. It’s an critical part of inventory management. You need fresh inventory to sell better.
  • Dead Stock– This is one of the biggest problem a retailer has today. In my experience,  average retailer has 30% of dead stock in his store.

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How much dead-stock you have?

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  • Vendor Partner Relationship-
  1. How to maintain good relationship with the vendor.
  2. How to create a win-win situation for you and your vendor as well. Without the vendors help, it’s difficult to have product in a store which sells itself.

Open to Buy Software – I will tell you about the “Open to Buy Software”. This will tell you what to buy.

Customer Relationship:-

  • Life Time Value of the Customer– How to create a long lasting relationship with the customer. In jewellery industry life time value of customer is very high if you can delight them and make them loyal customer
  • Loyalty Programs– How to create loyalty programs for your VIP Customers. This helps in building the good customer relationship.
  • Pre Sales Monitoring– When customers come to your store
  1. How to understand what they want have the right merchandise ready for them
  2. How to identify which kind of customers they are so  you can give them better customer service best on their personality type.
  • Post Sales Monitoring– Once they purchase from you
  1. How can you make her sales experience more pleasant.
  2. What you can do so that she would like to visit your store again and become a loyal customer.

Staff Management

  • Training on Selling Skills– I speak with retailers regularly. One of the big challenges they have that their staff don’t have a proper selling skills to sell products to customer.
  1. How can train your staff so that they can cultivate a proper selling skills eventually make you more profits by selling better.
  • Motivation(Incentives)- How to motivate your staff to sell more?

How you can implement an incentive structure for them to be motivated? You will learn this in the workshop.

  • Retaining- Retaining your Sales Super Stars is difficult because there is always someone who will be ready to pay more.
  • Firing– There will be a staff member, who will cause some problems. Trust me it’s not easy to fire the staff. and not face its impact. I will show how and when you should fire a staff, the correct way. Make them a brand ambassador! for free..
  1. How to build a culture in your store, so that they want to stick with you.
  2. How you can appreciate their work and give them rewards and recognition for their effort.

Now, you are aware of the topics of the workshop.

This kind of workshop doesn’t happen for jewellery retailers. An intimate learning session to learn, grow and earn in 2020.

But, you have the opportunity to attend this workshop and improve your jewellery business.

Schedule – 12th February, 2020. Day – Wednesday

Venue – Orchid Hotel, Mumbai

Time – 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

The registration fees of the workshop is 15000+ 18% GST = 17,700

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But this offer will not last long.

If you are determined to improve your jewellery business then this is the opportunity you should not miss.

If you have any questions regarding this workshop then you can call me at 9632081405.

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