How Will You Adapt Digital To Grow Your Business

Sundar Pichai Adapt Digital

Today’s topic is about Sundar Pichai’s comment:

In India, I think roughly 50% of small medium enterprises have kind of adopted a digital for the first time in 2020.

Maybe the COVID forced the SME enterprise to adopt some kind of the digital.

Many of us actually shopped online for vegetables for the first time, maybe some of us made a digital payment on procuring.

Something which you would have done face to face. Somebody may have bought clothes online for the first time.

But we may have done a lot of digital activities for the first time, now if you say and we have been talking to several jewelers and also the retailers, and sometimes there are fairly established retailers.

What I really find is Digital portion is reasonably adopted at a personal level. When I say digital, let’s take WhatsApp you may send or you may be a part of some group or your personal Facebook account.

If you are making it to the second stage where you have adopted basics or you will not even adopt the basics for example you don’t even have a website or WhatsApp business account, not working in Gmail or there is no marketing happening in Facebook or Instagram, or you don’t have the customer’s database of loyal customer and one time purchase customer.

There are only few details about the customers which is available in the mobile but there is no availability of complete details of the customers or you are not providing system driven invoices or maybe your invoices are still going in hand written.

So, there are many ways that you are yet to be digitalized, so the consumers have accepted or started working or shopping in digital environment.

We can also tell that they are shopping through tire one city or in tire 2,3,4 cities the shopping is high or browsing is high.

First, they will browse and then go shopping in shops.

India has digitalized on some form either from consumer side or from the business side, but I think it also embraces the rural side market digital technology if you look at what FMCGs are saying today the rural markets are growing much better than the urban market

Many retailers or manufacturers or distributors say that the rural market has picked up, we are getting more reach in rural market.

Retailers can say that he has a shop in some city and his customers are all around the shop or they will come by searching us from 50km distance and the customer will buy from us only.


We can think deep and ask them he is opening his mobile for over 100 or 150 times seeing Facebook, sending or receiving messages through WhatsApp or maybe he is in Instagram or TikTok and many more but you haven’t started your DIGITAL MARKETING until now.

It is the time that you digitalize your marketing or initiatives or inventory management, customer database and thing like that.

What I tell is all that thing should be a system it should not be only in the mobile so that the customers come to you maybe few customers will be loyal and some of them can be one time customers.

How many customers will visit regularly in a year and what all they purchase.

If you get all this information, you can do customized marketing so that you can give loyalty offers or birthday gifts to those customers, so this is the opportunity.

In the beginning we used to tell why should I try when my customer is not interested or many of us did not have that e-commerce website pre-COVID because they thought it was necessary

People who had e-commerce enabled website have done fantastic business during the COVID this is completely working from laptop or working from mobile there are same inventory but you are getting more customers than before so the business is improving for who have availed the digital marketing.

Taking example of Maggie noodles,
They launched it through internet, and they had the biggest sales of Maggie noodles.

So you cannot say that people will not buy, especially in our Jewelry chief value segment there are already people who are buying 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 rupees’ worth of jewelry from normal family retailers.

And I am not talking about the corporate

If he is a single individual retailer and he has 2 or 3 shops, you need to have an e-commerce enabled website, exemplary customer service, which are all digital initiatives.

If you have an e-commerce enabled website, you can gain customers from other places as well.

You can keep the call center 100 km away because these are all better initially to do this thing internally to the extent

Websites and digital marketing things you may not have the expertise there are many digital agencies which can support you.

Sure you want to understand what to ask and what not to ask but the summary of this session is really educate about getting digitized.

First, we used to tell that we need to organize, and that is still necessary and with that it is necessary to digitalize as well. If you have both implemented, you will probably be in the top among your community or retailers and that can come with same inventory but it is giving you more stock rotation.

If you know nowadays getting 5% more with the same place is pretty tough.

You may sit in Bombay you can get customers from across the country and also even overseas it doesn’t mean that your shop should own customers who are near to the shop only you can get customers from anywhere, you can sit in Bombay and market to Kolkata.

It is necessary to identify the target customers.

There are a lot of opportunities which can be used, and we have seen success from our clients.

We urge you to pick on this and build your digital marketing platform and capabilities along with organized protocol.

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