Insight Broker Steve Jobs Lessons

Insight Broker Steve Jobs Lessons

Many of my potential clients, ask this question to me before they join my “Vitamin Money Online Courses” Coaching Program” – Will you help me in finding my “speciality – ex. Wedding jewellery” to increase my profits?

This is a common confusion among so many retailers out there who want a consultant who can help them find their “speciality wedding jewellery”. Think high price, high profits.

Because we all believe, that the “profits” are in the “wedding jewellery market”. Really? Often, we offer the lowest making charges because the ticket sizes are big. So, high value sales, but low profits.

So, what can Steve Jobs teach you in solving this all-important problem of finding your specialty?

Here’s the secret – Don’t find your specialty.

Instead, find an UnSolved or Under-Solved Problem for a Specific Market. Ex. Gujarati Destination Wedding and specialty jewellery to match a Sabyasachi inspired dress?

And then, let both of us put all our creative energies in solving that problem better than anyone else in “our” market.

Steve Jobs found out that the laptops and the SmartPhones were not designed for creative people like him.

He, in fact, hated Microsoft & Google for creating mediocre gadgets that were not suitable for the Creative people.

And he put out all his creative energies into creating the most beautiful and productive devices for the Creative Person.

And his target Market could relate to his vision and his products.

That’s how you make your “specialty wedding jewellery”, then the customers will find us as the Go-To jeweller and not the other way round.

Let me know what you think about this Secret from Steve Jobs for Identifying the Specialty.

Shivaram “The Specialty Finder for Jewellers”

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