Is your business ready for the new year?

What got you here Won't Get You there- Retail-Gurukul

I was recently in a small town (population just one lakh) to meet a client of mine.

It is a typical success story of “family run” jewellers of many generations.

The store was doing well till a year ago.

They were the no. 1 jeweller in town, had opened new stores nearby.

Then, it happened.

One national retailer came in and opened a store.

Then a local, regional chain came in too.

Now, more chain stores are looking at the town.

The client is now getting worried (Reason for calling me there)

Let us look at your business.


The next financial year is almost upon us.

Is your business ready for the next year?

Will it be a repeat of last year or will it bring a new era in jewellery retailing?

The Elections are coming in April and May.

There will be a new government.

Yet, if the recent past is any sign, the “easy” days of a retailer doing whatever he wanted are almost over.

The market is opening like never.

Whether we like it.

Or not.

But, we all have a choice.

Perform or Perish.


Perform and Prosper.

The choice for the retailer and thousands of retailers all over the country, the message is simple.

What are successful retailers doing?

They are doing well.

They are making more money than ever before.

Such successful retailers are expanding.


want to increase stock rotation

They have plans, processes, systems and people to help them in their businesses.

They will change as required.

What “unsuccessful” retailers doing?

Many retailers are hoping for the good old days to come back.

They are not changing, even refusing to change.

They are not renovating because; they are not seeing the signs of the decline in business.

Thinking, we require a lot of money.

They are not training their staff. The staff bored and unhappy.

Their staff are just not hungry for money!

They are not even buying new designs!

(The store is still full of heavy sets)–actual retailing experience in a store.

Gone are the days, of just doing the same thing and expecting better results.

What does the future hold?

The new year can be a year of Performance and Prosperity.

But, it can also be a year of decline..

We all need to remember, what got us here, won’t get us there.

There is still a chance.

365 days from today.

Are you ready?

We can help you get started if you are ready.

If you are.

To make more money than ever before.

Message me personally on 9036036524, with your no. 1 ambition & your name.