Retail Business- How to Motivate Your Retail Employees?


It’s been a tough season for retail business, though things have started to get back to normal. Some of you might have heard of The Retail Employee Day. It is officially celebrated on 12 Dec every year. As I had mentioned in my previous posts, a number of progressive retailers have started to recognise ‘beyond the salary structure.’ It is important to treat the employees as part of the business success. In this article, I am discussing the ways to motivate the staff.

Pay Retail Business Employee Salary on Time

Officially, the Retail Employees Day was initiated by B.S.Nagesh of Shoppers Stop. I think we should use this occasion to do some simple things for our employees that motivate them. I always ask retailers at the seminars –

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“How many of you pay the salaries of your employees on the first?”

I think this is a very motivating thing. The more progressive retail business employers even pay salaries on the 31st, last working day of the month. If you are a part of a large setup, then getting your salary on the 31st may not be a big deal for you. But this suggestion is typically aimed at the medium or small enterprises.

Based on my interactions with many retailers, I found out that sometimes even a large family based businesses, pay the salary of their employees on the 7th or even the 10th. I asked the owner of such a business that why don’t they pay their employees early. His reply was quite thoughtful. He says, if he paid the employees on 1st or 31st then, they might not turn back from the next day. The reason behind this is a much deeper organisational issue. The scenario of the employee is such that he either has received a higher position in another setup or he just wants to leave and go!

In such a situation, I would suggest you expand “The Employee Day” to ‘Employees Week’ and correct all the possible errors that we are doing as an employee or employer. It’s critical to build that trust and faith among the employers and employees that they get the salary on the 31st and the employees in turn work with full enthusiasm. I request you to apply this theory and analyse how the employees react to it. If their motivation improved than your investment was successful. Let us know your implementation and the response.

Give Perks

Many organisations do celebrate Retail Employees Day, as big as Diwali and they are posting their events, activities that took part that day. The business in November was a great hit and for the December it is just picking up. The business bagged with such motivated employees will produce an entirely different result from the unmotivated or uninterested employees in the neighbouring store.

There are many ways for celebrating this day. To keep it very simple, you can take your retail business employees out for a lunch soon after this webinar is over. If you find the crowd too big to go out, then you can cater some food into the store itself.It’s the most cost-effective ways of motivating your employees.

There is another way to bring all of them together- a movie. If you are in a city with pleasant weather, then you can a plan an employee’s day out too. This is the best way to give them a break to refresh themselves from all the stress. If the employees have different taste and you feel that the movie plan may not work, then:

  • You can probably arrange to get some food
  • Put on the music
  • Let them enjoy in the store itself.

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