My Biggest Mistake & What I Learnt From It

The inspiration to change the world..

It was in July 2011, when I was the Merchandising Head at Tanishq, that I got an offer from Dubai at twice my Indian Salary.

Yet, the thought of leaving my family to become a bachelor in Dubai at 51 years of age made me decline that job.

But, it opened up a desire within me to start up on my own.

The only option that I liked to do, and could afford to do, was really a Trainer job!

So much against the wishes of many friends and colleagues, and some “tentative” support from the family, I resigned my job in Tanishq and started Retail Gurukul in 2012.

I had this fancy vision of training people and excel sheet calculations showed that I could easily run money by charging just Rs 99 per person!

“The Biggest Mistake”

I soon realised that the only people who wanted to talk to me were manufacturers who wanted to leverage my association to sell to Tanishq and not to take my training.

I kept wondering, if I made the mistake of leaving a comfortable career at Tanishq to become a “trainer”?

A failed trainer at that.

“Bad luck or incapability”

So, for two years I kept trying again and again with different retailers across the country.

Retailer after retailer I approached told me that there was no point in training the staff, they will leave if they get trained, Corporate learnings were not suitable for family businesses, etc.

My disappointment continued, and I doubted myself.

Probably, it was one of the lowest points in my life that I had brought upon myself.

“Good Karma”

One day, a retailer called to ask if I could consult him.

Apparently when I was at Tanishq, without myself knowing it, I had helped him with some answer, which turned out to be very helpful to him, and now, that he came to know, I was no longer with Tanishq (it took 2 years for the news to reach him), asked me to consult him to improve his business.

That was probably my past karma coming to my rescue.

“Fast Forward to 2020”

“Do good karma” every day, every time.

Since that first Jewellery Retail Consulting assignment, I have been deeply honoured and privileged to have worked with over 350+ jewellers across the country and abroad.

All kinds of jewellers – Tiny, S, M, L, XL, XXXL and so on. Family businesses, “professional organisations”, government bodies, Multinational Organisations, Jewellers Associations, etc.

We believe we have truly helped them and all failures are because of my inability to have helped them.

Dear Clients, I am happy if you have benefited and my apologies if you have not benefited.

I am committed to doing work that will benefit the industry and the ecosystem, especially those who are facing challenges.


Many years ago, I met an old colleague at the Bangalore airport for a few minutes and he asked me a question, which stumped me for a few seconds.

Do you regret leaving Tanishq?

After a few moments I answered, Yes and No.

Yes, I miss all the people and the learnings there, but no, I have no regrets as I now see a much larger world than that was open to me at the company.

Yet, I had one wish, rather than regret.

I wish I had the courage to start off on my own at a much younger age, when I had more energy to experiments with even more ideas and experiments.

Shivaram 2.0

I invite you on this journey of impacting your own world, if you are ready. It won’t be easy, there will be many successes but failures too. But it will be a very memorable one.

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