One small step for you, and a Giant Step for your business.

Giant Leap

What kind of business owner are you–Red or Yellow or Green Flag?

As a coach to multiple businesses across India, I am observing how business owners are responding to the prevailing uncertain times.

“Red Flag” – These are the business owners who have gone into a shell. In fact, even reduced the time they visit their offices and shops.

Because Covid severely affected someone in their close circles.

They are yet to get over the shock.

These are also the people who have “settled” businesses, enough investments like rentals, gold, and cash on hand for many years to come.

They are not worried about anything else but their own personal safety.

Some of them have employees who are running their business on their behalf.

Many of these people are past their 50 years of age.

Yellow Flag”–These are people running their business, often first or second generation, for the last 5–10 -15 years.

Covid has hit the business.

They had a reasonably successful business before Covid, but Covid has affected their cash flow badly.

These business people want to G.R.O.W but are unsure whether they need to play defensive shots like a test match or go out and play aggressively like a T 20 Match’s last few over.

The targets (opportunities) are large but the uncertain situation is decision-making tough.

“Green Flag”–These are the most optimistic of the lot.

These are 2nd or 3rd generation business owners.

These are the people who have the advantage of a good running business.

Funds are more than adequate.

They are now sensing new opportunities.

The market is not as bad as Covid in the 1st and 2nd waves.

They see the market as opening up for Diwali (they ignore the 3rd Wave possibility), and they are aggressively either buying fresh inventory, opening new showrooms, or investing in new lines of business.

Some, even outside the family’s traditional business.

Your Flag is Red or Yellow or Green color?

Whether it is Red or Yellow or Green color now, means you have options to move forward. Would you like to continue to be where you are?

Probably not.


Because I can read your mind!

You are reading this article because you want to grow and become successful.

Do you want to build your success & legacy?

You are the Yellow or the Green Flag type of business owner. I am right?

Then, you are in the right place.

Oh, what is that small step you need to take now?

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