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Customers are changing, market is changing, competition is changing, the company’s expectations on both the owners and its staff is changing. From the earlier days of “any thing I did was good and was almost guaranteed to be a success, to a situation, that even repeating the old success stories, no longer guarantees any results.

What got us here, no longer gets the same results today, forget about what it can get us in the future.

Even our own responsibilities of changing too? A growing need for learning in organized jewellery retail for Middle & Senior Management. The daily routine and personal involvement in a hundred different things in a day, does not allow us to undergo any long term courses or education to build our self in critical areas of work. For our future and for the future of our company. Interactions with a dozen top jewellers revealed that their core contribution to the retail business was in two functions – Marketing & Merchandising.

Everyone has heard of it, everyone is doing it, but there is no clear cut methodology or structure put in place many a time for immediate referral or check and correction. Often, damage is already done, even before action.


 Marketing Management

“ Marketing is what Marketing Does! “
A few of us may have overlooked it, but honestly, yet haven’t understood the difference between Marketing and Sales. While we begin with decoding that, we would then flow into the different facets of how marketing exists in the jewellery space. Marketing , comprising of its many spokes would be SPOTLIGHTED with timely indulgences from those that help us in our creative endeavours.
* Marketing V/S Sales
* The 4 P’s and the X Factor
* Budget to Bachat !
* How many spokes does your marketing wheel have?
* Brand Building in the Jewellery Industry
* A Good Brief
* Digital & Social Media Usage
* The Belong Blog!
* Advertising – The Inevitable Money Guzzler
* Understand PR as a Credibility Builder
* Sales Promotion Opportunities
* Visual Merchandising ki Jhalak
* Customer Service to Customer Delight !

 Merchandising Management

“Customers want to buy merchandise that meets and exceeds their needs and wants”- And it’s we, as the Merchandiser who is responsible in deciding only those jewellery products to be “merchandised” for sales.

* We will learn all about the “What, Where, When, Why and How” here.
* Studying the market for our products
* Understanding the retail store product requirements
* Analyzing the retail store’s sales pattern
* Deciding on the products to be procured
* Identifying the right vendor
* Selecting the right vendor for your requirements
* Processing the order
* Interacting with inside and outside teams
* Personal skills on trends, data, etc
And more, much more…

Ideal for Store Managers, Owners, Brand Managers/Executives, Merchandising Managers/ Executives, Retail Enthusiasts from the jewellery sector. Also a great induction platform for Sons / Daughters / Family Members of Jewellery Retailers.
Session Conducted and Delivered by 2 experienced jewellery technocrats across various functions and who have played a role as part of the Management Core with the country’s two leading brands. Now, have helped and continue to help many a jeweller across the country.

Over 2 days covering 14 hours of total interaction and involvement using real word knowledge, expertise and experience, mixed with presentations, interactions and unique SPOTLIGHTS ! The finale also includes an opportunity to create a “My Baby for 2018” project and presentation, that allows for immediate real-world implementation, on return to the business.


Gain significant new knowledge
Take back a specific action plan for your next launch – Guaranteed !
Meet new people
Enjoy and be happy
Can’t really ask for more for a 2 day project!

Dates: 17th & 18th May 2018
Timings: 9.30am to 5.30pm

The Chancery Room at Orchid, Near Domestic Airport, Vile Parle

Price- 20,000 + Taxes= 23,600

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Call 9036036524 if you have any doubts.

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