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Congratulations on running a successful business. We believe, you have ambitions to grow your business even further.


​I am Shivaram. Tanishq was my Gurukul for over 10 years. I resigned in 2012 to set up my own Retail Gurukul to help Independent and Family owned Retailers who wanted to grow and organize themselves. We have listened to, heard from and Coached, Consulted, Trained, Taught over 150+ retailers and manufacturers since then.

So, the world is our Gurukul now.

For Retail Owners

How about some Extraaa Dhandhaaa from Simple Funda?

Something, we have become famous for! Ask any of our 150+ clients who have already benefited.

Would you like to benefit too?

There are plenty of opportunities in the market, but so are multiple problems. Right?

​1. Retail Gurukul – for Owners​

All that learning is now being shared by us in Consulting, Training and Workshops around the country. India is a huge country and we continue to get enquiries that we are unable to fulfill. In response, we are now offering the same expertise through a series of E learning modules – Online 365 days, 24 hours!

The 30​+​Lessons of this online program cover the following topics:

1.Profits: How to improve the profits, significantly!

2.Purpose and Plan: How to create a purpose for the business and oneself and how to plan, get organised?

3.Place: How to identify the right location for the store and the right interiors?

4.People: How Consumers should be targeted and how to build relationships with them?

5.People: Staff: How our store staff can make the real difference between our plans and achievement. Recruit, motivate and build teams?

6.Personal Skills: As a business owner, how to improve your business, manage time and money

7.Products: Look at inventory not just as an asset but also as an opportunity, Look at the opportunity cost of ageing inventory

8.Performance Metrics: How to measure the success and missed opportunities and what to do about it.

9.Partnerships: How to make vendors to contribute to your success

10.Processes: How to ensure that the team works to improve profits, builds efficiencies and reduce wastage

11.Promotion: How modern marketing tools can bring more business

12.Problems: Anticipate, Reduce and trouble shoot issues, before they get out of hand

13.Private Matters: You know them; we help them here too, if asked.

​Each session will cover a topic in detail and we hope to release these videos over a one year period. This will enable owners to listen, implement and see the results

Bonus 1

Additionally, we hope to do our popular Facebook Live sessions on a regular basis for our members


Bonus 2

​Additionally, we hope to have outside experts to come and share their knowledge on various topics


Bonus 3

Whenever we are travelling, to different locations, we hope to do Chai pe Charcha to discuss our course content as well.


Bonus 4

Exclusive membership to our closed Owners Only Closed Facebook group


All this at an introductory price of Rs. 7,500 + GST per login per year.

​The price will be Rs,15,000+ GST soon. Our consulting fees are multiple times these prices.

Sign up soon ! Call 9036036524


The entire 30+ lessons will be delivered online i.e. Via Retail Gurukul TV (Videos), Retail Gurukul Radio (Audio podcasts) and Retail Gurukul Paper (blogs) and may be Facebook Live Sessions. All of which is accessible 24 hours a day! Whether they are inside the store, and with a computer or on a train home.


​In English, Hindi and English- Hindi combination​

​Payment by RTGS to

​M/s 36524 Gurukul Services Private Limited,

Bank and Branch State Bank of India, Jayanagar 4th Block,

Current Account 33520580052

IFSC Code SBIN0004926.

Warm Regards and Best of Luck


Retail Gurukul

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