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Dear Retailer,

Welcome to Retail Gurukul,


Whether you are a successful retailer already or someone who wants to be successful, you surely want to improve your performance? Then, you are in the right place.

But, What Got You Here, won’t get you there – Marshall Goldsmith


We can help you get there if you are interested – Retail Gurukul

About us


Since 2012

Retail Gurukul

150+ Clients In India and Dubai

Independent and Chain Store Clients

National, International and Government Clients

Founded by Ex- Tanishq Merchandising and Training Head Shivaram




To make You More Money

In your Retail Business,

This Year


Your Money Back



Think we are just promising?

Hold your doubts for a few more minutes.

It may sound too much to promise, but it’s not. We believe in under-promise and over delivering on our commitments.

You will discover a 150+ RETAILERS validated system, that has generated real money for real businesses run by real people. Businesses that have run for many years, many decades even have found the Vitamin Money Program, helpful and successful. Not just one small business here and there, but all kinds of businesses, from Bangalore to Jammu, Mumbai to Kolkata, we have clients who have benefited from the Retail Gurukul Vitamin Money Program.

  1. Ok, it might be right for them, but, is it still right for you?

Why not test it out yourself and see if it is right for you.


Are you ready, absolutely ready to take your business where it needs to go and drive the business and PROFITS UP?

If you are ready, then we can show you the way, for sure.

  1. How is it all possible with the Vitamin Money Program?

Now, let’s clarify. This system is responsible not only, for some huge success stories amongst the big jewellers and brands, but also amongst some small shops and businesses.

Why are we saying this?

If 150+ businesses have benefited, why not you too?

In fact, this Retail Gurukul Program is perfect for you even if you’re doing well, but not having the fun you used to. If you are making sales, but not making real money and making waves.

Q. I am making a good living but want to have a great life.. Then is this the Retail Gurukul I need?

Yes, this system will help you lead a great life, not just a good living.

So, whether you are in a high street or a local market area, you are the 3rd generation or you are a chain store owner, etc. it is for you. Our client’s list has all these types of formats to from Jammu to Ernakulum, and from Mumbai to Kolkata who moved from good living to a great life.

The Vitamin Money Program will

  1. Be a source of great new Ideas, Information and inspiration
  2. Reconfirm some of your existing beliefs
  3. Challenge some of your existing beliefs too
  4. Save you huge amounts of money for sure.
  5. Earn multiple times your Retail Gurukul Fees!
  6. Save you from repeating the same mistakes again

Once upon a time,

you thought, retailing is easy, customers are loyal, and profits are easy and good too.

The future is now and is constantly changing.

But, times have changed

The reality is Retail is a tough environment, where even the best names of yesterday, have failed. Even while, some new retailers have gained and succeeded.

If you are reading this, then you are probably between the two. Doing business for sure, but not yet in the wildly successful retailers in your market as well. Right. Or at the very least, someone who wants to succeed in your own way.




We believe you are in the right place. We are here to help those who really want to succeed. Your success is our success too.

If you want to be happy and successful, you have to master 12+1 Best Practices including

  1. People – Customers – Who are they
  2. Products – What they want to buy and buy from you
  3. People – Your staff – how to find, hire, train and motivate them
  4. Processes – How to run the business
  5. And so on.

In addition to living your own personal life of family, eating, sleeping etc.

No matter, what you sell, where you live or how much money you have, – you must understand these essential retailing skills, master a few and get others to do it for you. And put the necessary ones to work for you and the business.

A passion for your business and a talent in a few areas can get you started or has brought you where you are today, but retailing is a 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even if you are a brick and mortar store that is closed at night.

But running a retail store is tough, there are always multiple things to do, problems to be solved, and a set of urgent and important things all the time or even nothing to do, some of the time.

You have 3 choices to choose from

  1. You can continue to do what you have done before and hope to do better.
  2. You can learn for free from Google as and when you want to do something.
  3. Get is all in one place. Developed by a Retailer, for a retailer like you at a price.

Oh, yes, there is a 4th choice.

  1. Learn it the hard way, some months down the line, and realise that you could have started,when you got this information

We have done most of the work we can do, and all you need to do, is study the lessons of the Vitamin Money Program, get ideas, get inspired and implement it – by yourself or by your team.



The Vitamin Money Program is the easiest, fastest and the best way to grasp the 13 Best Practices in Retailing.

  1. Purpose and Plan – What is the purpose of your business and how to plan for it
  2. Places – Location and Interiors (High Street vs Mall vs Online, 5 Star Interiors)
  3. People– Customers (Identifying and Communicating with them), Customer Service
  4. People – Staff (Hiring, Training, Motivating and Keeping them), Selling Skills
  5. Personal Skills – Time Management, Getting Things Done
  6. Products – Buying smart and saving more money.
  7. Performance Metrics – The Dashboard to monitor the business
  8. Promotion – Above the Line and Below the Line Ideas
  9. Partnership – Loyalty and Commitment benefits
  10. Processes – How to manage the business better
  11. Problems – Down
  12. Profits – UP and UP
  13. Personal Family Matters.

Now, imagine having new ideas, inspirations and implementation solutions on all these?

Think, about what it would be like to have the answers handed over to you, by someone who’s been there and has been successful. Helped over 150+ people like you all across India and Abroad.

This is what the Vitamin Money Program can offer you.

Originally launched as a private Consulting and Training Practice in face to face, private online sessions, The Vitamin Money Program is now the single most comprehensive system for the retail store owners in the market today, at its convenience and price. It’s hardly a surprise, that more and more people are joining the program.

How does all this reach you?

It’s on the web. It’s a 24 hours * 7 Days a week* 365 Days online system, accessible from any internet enabled device. Mobile Phone, Tablet, Desktop or Laptop. All accessible to you with a single social login like Facebook.

With over 25+ Videos/ Audios/ Text based content that you can implement at your own pace over the year, with one topic every fortnight. This will help you to improve your business at a rate that has been seen to be successful.

Not too fast, not too slow. Just right – In a span of a year.

Here is what you will discover in each of the 12+1 Modules and more to come.


Q. What is the purpose of your business, beyond money?

Ans. The purpose of any business is to make money, of course. But, is there something beyond money, that drives you? Ex. Happiness or even some free time on an evening, when the store is open?

You will learn more on.

a) How to align your life towards the purpose you have defined?

b) How to clarify the purpose of your business, beyond money?

2.Business Plan

Q. Do you have a written down business plan for the next 3, 6 and 12 months?

 Ans. It has to be a well thought out plan, which details out the sales, profits and everything in between.

You will learn more about

How to write a one-page business plan?

You will learn answers to your questions and more on.

Do you have a “written” down the business plan for this year, next year and beyond?

a) How to create a business plan for your business?

b) How the rest of the business practices will follow from here?

3.Location and Interiors

Q. How good is your location and how are the interiors?

Ans. The business plan is the road map for the years ahead and can guide you on locations etc. Whether you are searching for a new location for a store or what is the level of customer experience that you want to offer, will determine the type of interiors.

You will learn more about

a) How to identify, whether you are ready for a new location

b) How to budget the expenditure for the new location

c) Why to budget the expenditure for the interiors, and avoid spending too much.

4. People – Customer Targeting and 5 Star Service

Q. Are you chasing every customer in your catchment area?

Ans. Identifying the right customers is the first starting point. Getting them into the store is next and delivering an amazing 5 Star Customer Service is the Purpose of the business. And you will have regular and loyal customers for life.

You will learn more on.

The 4 Main types of customers – Using Jaya Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and others as examples.

a) The different expectations of different types of the Target Customers.

b) How to deliver the 5 Start Customer Experience.

c) How to handle customer complaints too.

5.People – Sales Champions

Q. Are your staff, doing everything possible to make the SALE?

Ans. Identifying, hiring, training, retaining, motivating are the biggest challenges in retail today. Without a motivated team, you are letting the customer go back, and losing valuable profits.

You will learn more about.

a) How to identify the right salespeople?

b) How to set targets for sales?

c) How to monitor their performance through a transparent appraisal system?

d) How to incentivize sale performance?

e) How to build teams and what to do with destructive staff on the team?

f) How to train the staff on Selling Skills? 

6. Personal Skills – For you

Q. Do you have the personal skills required to achieve your “new” business and personal goals?

 Ans. If you are doing everything in the store today, then you are not preparing yourself and your business for tomorrow.

How well do you manage your personal time, how much do you delegate, creating and Getting Things Done are the ways to move forward.

You will learn more about

a) Mind Mapping

b) Getting Things Done – Capture, Clarify, Organise, Reflect and Engage Methods.

7. Products

Q. How do you buy?

Ans. If it is based on your “experience”, then chances are, you have more than 25% of your stock are slow moving – by any criteria. (Test. Stop here and cross check if true or not).

If it is more, then, you need to do something about it.

You will learn more about

a) How to identify the slow movers?

b) How to buy right?

c) What not to buy?

d) 5 Best Practices in Merchandising Management

e) How to improve stock turns?

f) Have to have a good “open to buy” process.

8.Performance Metrics

Q.How do you monitor store performance?

Ans. Need to have a set of daily, weekly, monthly parameters, which are monitored from your mobile. Any time you want.

You will learn more on

a) How to identify the right metrics – Walk-ins / Conversions?

b) How to track if they are being tracked properly and not misunderstood or misreported?


Q. How do you budget what should be the promotion budget?

Ans.  Depending on the Purpose and plan, you will need to allocate a budget. But, have you done so, in the past.

You will learn more about

a) Above the Line Activities, Tracking marketing spends.

b) Below the Line Ideas and tracking performance.

10. Partnership

Q. How do you treat your Vendors?

Ans. Treat them as your partners in the business.

You will learn more on

a) Why a vendor is worthy of being a “partner” in your business and it’s not what you think a “partner” means?

b) How a vendor partner can help you achieve your Purpose and Plan?

11. Processes

Q. Do you know which are those few critical processes which are making that difference to you and your customers?

Ans. Whether it is your buying process or selling process, these even stock taking process can make the difference between profit and loss.

You will learn more about

a) How to build a process for inventory management?

b) How to build a process of better S.E.R.V.I.C.E.S can mean higher SALES?

c) How to take inventory ageing under control?

12. Problems Down ↓↓↓

Q. What is your number 1 problem?

Ans. Whether it is increasing profits or better conversions. As Dr. Goldratt of The Theory of Constraints said, identifying your biggest constraint and working on it, is the way to solve that no. 1 problem

You will learn more on

a) How to identify the weakest link in your business that is probably creating the no. 1 problem.

b) What to do to solve that problem, in a systematic way.

13. Profits UP, UP, UP

Q. What do you think, your profits can go up by if you were to implement these best practices in your business?

 Ans. What if it can be 10 times or 50 times or 100 times what you invest in this Retail Gurukul System?

Sign up now to know more…

A little about us,

Retail Gurukul is a much sought after boutique consulting and training company, started in 2012 by Shivaram. Shivaram worked with Titan Watches and Tanishq Jewellery for over 20+ years, when he worked in critical roles such a Head of Merchandising, Regional Sales and Training at Tanishq between 2002 and 2012. Since 2012, he and his team have worked with over 150+ clients, across India and abroad. Clients from businesses worth a few lakhs to businesses with more than 1000 crores. Clients include Family run, professionally run, Women run, National, International Organisations, Government Councils, Jewellers Associations, Informal Jewellers Groups, GJF, IIJS, PGI, Rio Tinto etc. He has been writing a popular Q & A column for Retail Jeweller magazine for many years now. The retail Gurukul team is now a Pan India company, with consultants and trainers in 5 Cities who work with retailers in store as well. We have worked with clients from Jammu to Kerala, Mumbai to Kolkata and beyond.

So, you know, the Retail Gurukul System has worked for 150+ clients.

Do you want such a system for yourself and your business?

What you will get are as per your choice:

  1. An awesome series of 25+ video lessons in a year, by Shivaram and his team, accessible on your mobile.
  2. 12+ Online Live sessions in a year
  3. A closed Facebook Mastermind group / WhatsApp group for the members, to help each other, with over 75+/ 150+ members already.
  4. Face to Face group meetups in Bangalore/ Mumbai/etc – Free for Platinum Club members
  5. Four Sessions per year of Private one on one live online sessions for the Platinum Club members. Free for Platinum Club members
  6. Diamond Club-

It’s indeed such an awesome System, that can help you with get ideas, get inspired and implement it – by yourself or by your team. With some help from us of course?


A yearly subscription for all the Retail Gurukul System of your choice.

Content  Silver Club      Gold Club       Platinum Club   Diamond Club (By invite)                           
1 25+ Videos Lessons  Included Included Included Included
2 12 + Online Live Sessions only for Club members  Rs. 1000 per session. Prior Registration  required. Included Included Included
3 Closed FB Group  Free Free Free Free
4 4 + Face to Face group meet ups in Bangalore/ Mumbai/etc  Gift economy model Gift economy model Invited Invited
5 Private one on one Facebook live or phone sessions 4 Sessions/ year As required
6 Private one on one Face to face Sessions in Bangalore / Mumbai As required
7 Investment per day Rs.32.87 only Rs. 41.09 only Rs. 100 only
8 Investment/ Year Rs 11,999 + /      GST/year or      USD 199 Rs 14,999 + GST/ year or USD 249 Rs. 36,500 + GST

/ 555 USD/ year

Let’s discuss face to face.

This is the just the beginning when it comes to what you will discover in the Retail Gurukul System. We believe in under promise and over deliver (ask our 150+ clients). So, there is much more to come for sure, but for you, the price is locked for a full year.

The Retail Gurukul System truly, is everything, you need to know to Upgrade your business to higher profits and a happy lifestyle for you.

All this comes from 30+ years of retail experience in Tanishq, Titan, etc and years of Mentoring, Coaching, Consulting, Training experience. We build this, because, we know your opportunities and challenges (real and imaginary). Shivaram was part of the Tanishq business when was loss-making till it became a Rs. 8,000 Crore giant that you all know it is now).

Our Consulting Practice is almost always full and it is priced at 20 to 30 Times the price you will be paying but comes with the same level of ideas, thoughtfulness and practical solutions, at a pace and time of your choice. If you need some support, we are there on different online live events.

Brand New Videos Shot exclusively for this Gurukul System for each of the 13 best Practices.

Every single video has been shot in such a way, there are clear learnings and action points for you to immediately implement in your business.

In English and Hindi!

Since, India is such a large country, we have so many languages. To start with, we have every video in Hindi and English. So, you can choose which ever language you want. Even Dadaji and Papa can watch it in their language.

Now DELIVERY on a mobile responsive website

You’ll have access any time anywhere to the Retail Gurukul System, on any internet device – Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop.

Nothing to download, nothing to upload or update. Always updated with the latest! Videos,

Value for Money (Full Paisa Vasool)

As you know, we consult with so many retailers on a daily basis, writing a Q and A in the Retail Jeweller magazine for the last 5 years, we understand, that each of us are looking for Value for Money.

We believe, there is no such system anywhere in the world, that is giving you so much value at such a price. We know, that is quite a claim!

One Idea in the whole year, and your “investment fees” is already covered. We believe, you should get at-least 20 time or 50 times your investment. A 3,00,000 Rs gain in a year is a pass mark for this System.!

We would love to hear where you made a 3 million gain or a 30 million gain (our Consulting clients have gained much more) and get featured in our Clients Speak below..

Client who have benefited.

The Retail Gurukul System has consistently produced

  1. Sales improvements between 10 % and 50 %
  2. Profit improvements between 10 to 100% of their investments in their Gurukul fees.

So, a store with sales of say 5 Crores Rs, making a sales increase of say 10 % in one year, would make an incremental sale of 50 lakhs Vs just 15,000 means a 333% increase on the investment in Gurukul.

If you a typical retailer with about 100 Crores business, the same 5 % increase in Sales will be a 3,333 (Three Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty-Three Percent Increase). Get your investment back almost right away, with just one idea! Immediately.

Ex. Do you have a written down business plan?

Ans. How to write a business plan on one page.

Cash Flow Tight? We get it. Unrefusable offer.

Running a business can be tough. That’s why we really want you to benefit from the Retail Gurukul System. It’s the key to your retail success. The ideas, the inspirations, the implementations are virtually guaranteed to make you more money, increase your cash flow and definitely improve your profitability. Like someone said, let even the 15,000 not stop you from benefiting.

Or, you may just not want to invest 15,000 in one shot, so we have created a quarterly plan!

The program runs on a 3 months plan of April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec and Jan to March of Rs. 5,000 per quarter + GST. You still get the full benefit of the system with such a small investment.

That’s like having us as a “retainer” as your exclusive store consultants for less than 33 Rs a day. (that’s the price of a coffee or chai at your favorite restaurant?)

Buy now: Rs. 15,000* per year

Buy now: Rs. 5,000* per quarter

So, do you think, you can increase your sales, profits or anything else,  you want to improve by spending less than 33 Rs. Per day? to cover your investment?

We certainly think so. We think so, may be more than even you do. We will guarantee it.

So, here’s the deal.

If you give the Retail Gurukul System an honest try – and within 90 days, you are not 100 % satisfied 100 % for any reason, whatsoever,

Just call our me on 91 9036036524 any time (ie 90 days is even my phone no starting), and we will refund every rupee you paid. Including the GST!


Un-refusable offer

The challenge is you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

All you have to do is click this link and pay! Oh, we can even accept Paytm transfers if you want.

You have one more choice. Don’t accept the un-refusable offer

Just close this and do nothing.

But then, if your business can’t take a 33 Rs per day “risk”, maybe you are right. This offer is not meant for you.

Changed your mind?

Buy now: Rs. 15,000* per year

Buy now: Rs. 5,000* per quarter


Remember, all these Best Practices and more is for you and your business improvement.

The Vitamin Money Program is the easiest, fastest and the best way to grasp the 13 Best Practices in Retailing.

  1. Purpose and Plan – What is the purpose of your business and how to plan for it
  2. Places – Location and Interiors (High Street vs Mall vs Online, 5 Star Interiors)
  3. People– Customers (Identifying and Communicating with them), Customer Service
  4. People – Staff (Hiring, Training, Motivating and Keeping them), Selling Skills
  5. Personal Skills – Time Management, Getting Things Done
  6. Products – Buying smart and saving more money.
  7. Performance Metrics – The Dashboard to monitor the business
  8. Promotion – Above the Line and Below the Line Ideas
  9. Partnership – Loyalty and Commitment benefits
  10. Processes – How to manage the business better
  11. Problems – Down
  12. Profits – UP and UP
  13. Personal Family Matters.

Just do yourself a favour. Trust me and just buy now. This will be your one of your best decisions at this price.

Finally, are you ready to take your business to the next level.. From Economy to Business Class?

Are you ready to increase your take-home income while you have happier times for yourself and your family?

 Buy now: Rs. 15,000* per year

Buy now: Rs. 5,000* per quarter 


Open Challenge

If you find any other system, anywhere in the world, at this price, and we agree, that it offers more value (and we didn’t even know about it), we will refund your money! Any time in the year. So, we are challenging you too.

You can call me on 9036036524

Warm regards and best of luck


Founder + Director,

Vitamin Money Program




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