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Thank You for your interest in our and India’s First Online Retail Training Program.

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Topics in this course include:

1. The importance of Goal in one’s life.
2. How to achieve our goals and targets – Vitamin Money is very powerful.
3. Importance of Morning Meeting
4. Grooming benefits
5. Customer Understanding and Service
6. Inventory Management Basics
7. House keeping
8. Selling Skills
9. Team Work
10. Many more topics

Duration: Over 5+ Hours of Videos

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We believe, that if you implement all the learnings in this course and work to improve your own performance, upto 15 % improvement in your performance is definitely possible in 6 months. Are you ready to take up the challenge. We are here to help you.  Call us on 9632081405 to take up the challenge.

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Best of luck!

Founder Director
Retail Gurukul


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