Reboot, Realign & Refresh in 2021

Reboot, Realign & Refresh now

Dear Retailer,

  1. Do you want to increase your sales now and in the future? Yes, for Higher SALES?
  2. Do you want to get back to normal profit as fast as possible? Yes, for PROFIT?
  3. Do you want to grow your business better than before? Yes, for GROWTH?

If you have 3/3 Yes, then you are one of the top retailers. Congratulations.

But what got you those results in 2020 will not get you the same results in 2021.


You need to Reboot, Realign & Refresh the route to your goals of better Sales, Profit & Growth. I can help.


Get more walkins, get more business, and get them more often than ever before.

Getting more walkins is possible, if you know the Cost of each customer.

Getting more profits is possible with a Customer Lifetime Value Formula

Getting higher growth is possible, if you have a SMART Goal dashboard

It is quite simple, if you learn and implement my 3 Steps Formula ,

But are you ready?

Is your team ready?

Are you willing to go where you never gone before?

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.


Shivaram “Sir”, often called the Retail Guru, held leadership roles in Titan & Tanishq for over 2 decades, before setting up Retail Gurukul in 2012. Since then, he has worked with over 500+retailers all over India and trained over 10,000 sales staff using his unique formula Better S.E.R.V.I.C.E.S= Higher Sales.

His simple but effective ideas have helped grow Sales, turnaround businesses, reduced enormous debts running in Crores, improved profits, and changed the business owners’ approach to business.

Shivaram Sir, is inviting you to a Retailer Only Webinar on “Reboot, Realign & Refresh Your Business in 2021?”

Date – 30th January 2021.

Day – Saturday

Time – 2 PM (90 Minutes of session followed of 90 minutes of questions and answers session).

Platform –   Zoom

Registration Link –

Price – Priceless, but it is actually free !

Please click on the registration link and register yourself.

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