The Ultimate Guide to Retail Inventory Management Is your money sleeping?

Inventory Management

Retail Inventory Management ought to be the No. 1 reason for profit or loss for the retailer. Don’t you agree?

If Inventory is “money” sitting around in another form, then, why should inventory sit idle? Will you let your hard-earned money sit idle in your bank account?

After all whose money is it anyway? If you are the owner, it might be yours, if you are employee too, it is yours sitting in the form of salaries and lost incentives and if you are a customer, it is sitting in terms of a design you don’t want and adding to the cost of your purchase of a design you like. So, every one pays for inefficiently managed inventory.

Retail Inventory Management is WIP (Work in Progress), and there is never an end to optimizing the inventory and making it sweat further.

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want to increase stock rotation

  1. Implement Retail Inventory Management – 25 % + Stock Turnaround Possible!
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What next?

Just like Swacch Bharat, we invite other retailers and practitioners to join us in this goal of “optimizing inventory.” Sweep your old inventory away.

Connect and give suggestions on topics, problems and anything else. Accepted ideas will be suitably rewarded by Retail Gurukul.

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