Retail Training On 8 Best Sales Closing Techniques From RetailGurukul

retail training on sales closing techniques

Sales as a process are all about convincing your customer to believe in your product so much that he buys it. A sales pitch is only effective if it ends in a sale. This requires an effective Closing Technique. Retail training providers like Retail Gurukul teach you the best techniques in closing sales.

Closing the sales is the toughest part of the sales process. According to a Hubspot survey, 36% of the sales force feel that Sales Closing is the most challenging among the sales processes.

Retail Training On Sales Closing techniques

Sales is a highly personalized approach. Each person has his own knack for closing a sale. Before you develop your own individual closing technique, get a glimpse of these nuances.

  1. Summing up Close

After detailing the salient features, benefits and unique aspects of your product or service, you finally close the sales call by summing up the key points in a nutshell. This “summing-up” technique is effective as it reminds the user again of all the reasons why he should buy the product. If you choose this technique, take care to see that your summary is short and not long-winded, boring or pushy. Try to get a concurrence or a “yes” from the customer for each point you repeat for sure success.
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  1. Query Close

Here the salesman ends his sales pitch by asking the customer a question about this product or service like “Does my product satisfy your needs?” This can be a highly tricky situation. With this technique, there is every chance of getting a “no” for an answer and then your entire sales pitch boomerangs on you. Never use this technique unless and until you are 999.9% of getting “yes” for an answer.

  1. Offer Close

This technique has become so overused that it is slowly losing its effectiveness. It involves offering the customer a discount, bargain or benefit at the end of the sales call to close the deal. “Today is the last day for a 25% offer on this product.” This kind of “now or never” sales closing is sometimes considered too pushy by customers. Try using this sale close only if you have no other option left.

  1. Trial Close

This type of sales closing is mostly employed by car salesmen and involves offering a “trial” of the product or service before actually purchasing it. When the customer takes your car for a trial run, he is surely going to be hooked. Trial closing has a strong emotional touch and is highly effective for automobiles, pets, electronics and domestic appliances etc.

  1. Scaling Close

Here the salesman ends the call by asking the customer to conclude the sales pitch on a scale of 1 to 10. Here 1 denotes ending the call immediately while 10 denotes the purchase of the product.

Retail Training considers this type of sales closing to be slightly risky as you are offering the customer the benefit of a doubt in closing the call.

  1. Presuming Close

The Presumptive Close is considered by Retail Training to be an “arrogant ” or “assuming ” type of close. Here the salesperson begins the sales talk on an assumption that the customer is definitely going to buy this product. This sounds over-conceited but surprisingly works well in some cases if handled carefully. Not suitable for all clients, use this technique sparingly only after gauging the customer well.

  1. Analytical or Comparative Close

You close the sales call by listing the pros that you project versus the cons that the customer states and try outweighing the pros. Retail Training advises you to use this tactfully by hurting the ego of the customer but trying to refute his objections gently.

  1. Personal Rapport Close

Most sales end this way and this is the hardest technique to achieve. Here the customer buys the product only because he likes you. Your personal rapport becomes the foundation of this sales close. Building this trust and relationship is time-consuming but highly rewarding.

Well, it is high time that sales reps stop acting like empty vessels making much noise and start gearing for some concrete action. Master these Closing techniques in sales from experts in Retail Training and prove yourself as a “go-getter” salesman! Retail training providers like Retail Gurukul teach you the best techniques in closing sales.

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