The Brutal Truth About An Insider Problem

Brutal Truth About An Insider Problem

My Dearest business owner,

Would you like to grow your business?

Are you ready to hear the truth of what is stopping you from growing your business?

I was speaking to one of our clients who attended my workshop in Chennai.

He had few issues on how to deal with staff.

He asked me how to handle staff?

But one problem that subsequently came out was about a staff who was actually putting a stumbling block to the growth of his business. It is his business, yet a staff was the problem.

You understand? You probably are facing a similar problem too..

Is somebody putting an obstruction to the growth of your business too?

He may be very useful, he is an old employee; he is loyal; he is trustworthy, because he handles your money. Yet, you know, he resists change. Without him, the business stops .

He could even be your distant relative!


But the point is, some people whom I have worked with will know, the company comes first, then the employees.


Anything required for the growth for the company, those things should get done.

He admitted that Company came before the employees.

He said, you know there is one guy who is creating a lot of problems.

I asked, how long has he been creating problems?

He said, 5 years.

I said then why is the guy still with you?

Because end of the day, the company has to grow.

Isn’t it?

He said no-no.

That guy is very important for us.

It took us around 1 and half hours to convince him, that it is his company or his employee.

Who should come first ?

At last he agreed, the company comes first and he will ensure that the problem employee is no longer the problem.

That’s what he said.

I should have been here 5 years back (About attending our workshop).

Nobody should come in the way of growth of the business.

Some of you will be familiar with Excise strike that happened few years back.

So all the stores were closed except the Tata Company Tanishq showrooms.

Apart from Mumbai, where people came and forced them to shut their shutters.

Somebody came and asked.

Why do they not shut their stores?

I said that nobody can shut the store.

Not even Ratan Tata can close the showroom.

Can you believe that?

Not even Ratan can “phone and say” that to shut the stores in protest.

It has to come officially through email.

The email has to come saying shut the store for excise strike.

Calls won’t work.

Because above Ratan Tata, there is Tata Group of 120-130 years.

That is the number one decision-making authority. Company above everything else.

It may be their culture, history, or it can be anything else.

That is important.

Whether it is you, whether it is staff, whether it me.

Nobody can come in the way of growth of the business.

I have a favourite proverb for this.

Either you lead the team.

Or you follow somebody.

Or get the hell out of the way.

If you can do the work, please lead your business to achieve its goals.

Maybe I am leading some of you today.

If I can not lead, I will sit there and learn from you.

If I can’t do both, I should not be here.

What are your thoughts about this?

Le us know in the comments.