Top 10 Tips to Increase Retail Jewellery Sales From #1 Retail Consultant

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How can a small to Medium retail jeweller increase sales?

It’s a big city and you are a small or medium-sized Retail Jeweler. So what? The size of your showroom does not matter in the jewellery trade but the strength of your business conviction does.

Never feel inferior because your showroom is small. Even the famous Indian jewellery brand “Kalyan Jewellers” began humbly as a small shop in Thrissur, Kerala in 1993 with a modest investment of 75 lakhs and is worth $2 billion today! So take heart and start improving your sales by implementing these tips compiled especially for you by India’s top Retail consultantRetail Gurukul.

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10 Tips to increase the sales of a small to medium retail jewellery showroom from India’s #Retail Consultant

1. The Fresh Look

Give your showroom a fresh look by giving the interior and exterior a new makeover. Here are some options.

    • Change the signboard to a brighter appealing one.

    • Redo the wall painting or change the wallpaper design

    • Install accent lighting on the display shelves

    • Cushion your floors with plush carpets

  • Innovate the interior with some interesting décor items.

Your showroom has been there for years but now with this fresh great look, it is going to create a stir in the market.

2. The Feel

Welcome your customers with warmth and give them a “feel” while shopping. Yes, jewellery trade works more on the shopping experience and sentiment. So create positive vibes and a great feel in your showroom.

3. What are your Cs?

Jewellery sales are no longer just about the old Cs- cut, clarity, colour or carat which can be learnt with one look at your website or online. It is more about the new Cs- comfort, convenience and customer service which have to be felt and experienced in your showroom.

So train your staff in  Progressive Retailing by employing the services of a seasoned Retail Specialist like Retail Gurukul.

4.  A ready smile for that extra mile

Let your staff be trained to have a cheerful attitude with a wide smile and a helping hand. Right from your Security guard to the Sales executives and top Managers, everyone should exude a calm composure with an attitude to serve.

5. Lift the counters

Jewellery trade involves a lot of “window shopping” too. Sometimes a jewellery at your display counter might arrest the attention of a passer-by luring her to come in and buy. So make sure that all your best products are placed at eye level for easy browsing and high visibility.

For best results, lift your display counters to a height of 42″ instead of  32″ to get the height advantage.

6. The Tech Edge

Train your staff to be tech-savvy. Equip them with an Ipad or large mobile to show videos of your rich jewellery collections and latest designs. These videos can feature those exclusive “made-to-order” designs which are not available on display. This will create an interest in the customer to see it in hand. You can also have a large TV screen that can be used to showcase the designs, that is available on order.

In fact, many jewellers with multiple stores are connecting each store with an interactive TV, so that live display of products from one showroom to customers in another showroom is possible.
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7. Catering to the customer

Satisfying the customer’s needs is the basic objective of sales. Train your staff to ask meaningful questions about what the customer wants in terms of jewellery design, cost, service etc. Most often, the sales team goes on talking without giving the customer an opportunity to express her desire. This ultimately results in disappointment at both ends. Such mistakes can be avoided by training your staff with an expert in Retail consulting.

8.  What’s your USP?

What is the “Unique Selling Point” of your showroom?  Is it the exclusive design, the price advantage or the service quotient? Identify this and communicate it effectively on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. using the help of a digital marketer.

9. Offer attractive schemes and discounts

Evolve a good marketing strategy with seasonal campaigns offering discounts on your product range. Offer purchase gifts on festive occasions and celebrations. Loyalty programs work well in the jewellery trade if used cleverly. Gain more useful tips from your Retail consultant who will customize the strategy for you.

10. Purely personal

Yes, jewellery purchase involves a lot of personal feelings and sentiment. Make the most of it by engaging personally with your customers and make them feel part of your family.

Small or medium your showroom may be, but your sales will be maximum if you devise your sales plan cleverly using an expert retail consultant who can guide you with much more such profitable insights.

Enrol for Retail Gurukul’s online course on improving sales in jewellery retail today to gain such valuable inputs.

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