How to Go From Untold PAIN to Unexpected GAINS

The biggest “untold“ pain in your store would be the >34% of the gold jewellery stuck for over 6 months.

At a 30 kg of stock, that is 10 Kgs. Yes, Rs.5+Crores of precious, hard earned money. Rs. 5,00,00,000 or 25,000 Rs. 2,000 notes.

Have you observed that you are carrying this huge liability/risk in your store? Daily, Monthly, Yearly and even for over a decade?

Yes, that gold jewellery in your store, you are carrying a huge ‘RISK’. Yet, we rarely recognise it. Do you know why?

Like back pain, we are all suffering for many years, and given up on a cure, the “golden furniture” in our stores is there right in front of us. Yet, we have not recognised it.

Like your back pain, do you want ‘REALLY“ to get rid of it? Or live with it?

If you were like me, suffering for over 20+ years, you may have tried a few things like modifying, melting and finally giving up, saying everybody has the problem of dead inventory. Ie “GOLDEN FURNTIURE”.

If you are a religious person, you would even pray to GOD to help you.

What if I tell you, I have a solution to this “GOLDEN FURNITURE”?

Problem of yours?



Solution no. 1: Identification and acceptance of the problem.

The first step is to accept that we have a problem at hand, and the problem is big.

Imagine if you had 4 Crores of cash to give on loan/ credit, that is 60 lakhs every year at just 15% rate of interest.

This is our past “Karma”.

This is in spite having 5, 10, 20+ years of experience in the business.

This is the truth, the honest and brutal truth.

Whether we like it or not.

That was the past.

Solution no. 2: To get rid of this “Golden Furniture Karma”, we should have a Business plan and execute it well.

What does a business plan consist of ?

Among others, it has Good Customer Relationships , a Vendor Partner relationship based a sales, purchase and open to buy strategy, A motivated Staff, and a culture to help achieve our overall Goal of the business ie how to grow the sales and profits and help society.

Ex. Our business plan is to help jewellers like you achieve your business plans.

This is the present.

If you want to solve this problem, and we @Shivaram @Retail Gurukul are happy to help, then, you will have the money and the time for more important things.

It is like how to go from a daily untold pain like the back ache to untold gain like “no back pain back”- what a pleasure, really.

Just imagine this for a minute.

Awesome, Happy, Great feeling.


What can we do with all the money?

Then, we have all the money to do so many things for our business, take more money home, have time for personal enjoyment, have workers and managers to run the business, enjoy time with family, open new business etc. etc.

Again, a wonderful feeling indeed.

I can even smile on your face.

Oh, the list of things you can do, if only you have the money.

Money that is already yours, but not yours right now.

The truth is this is possible.

Yes, possible for you to achieve, if you truly want to solve the problem and believe you can solve the problem.

Yes, may be with help from our side.

I can already see the plans in our minds. what to do with all that “extra” money.

Solution Number 3. Want proof, if this is possible?

Let me give you an example of a large retailer in Mumbai, a Maharashtrian chain store, a famous one at that, with multiple branches.

They moved from a stage, where the staff were constantly asking for more and more stocks to a situation, where the staff were asking the Head Office to stop sending inventory, because it affected the branch’s stock rotation.

Have you ever heard of such a scene before?

Probably not.

In another example, another business went from a constant cash flow problems to expanding and opening his own new store – Sanjay Kalsi, JD Solitaire, Delhi. Amazing transformation.

If these big and small stores can do, any one can do.

You can do it too.

YES, YES, YES, Having worked with over 350+ businesses, we have seen all kinds of “regular family businesses” achieve many of their dreams, like reduction in “GOLDEN FURNITURE”, business expansion, much better cash flows, happy customers, more free time for self and family ( that dream holiday) ! and so on.

I, am Shivaram, Ex Tanishq’s Head of Merchandising and since 2012, Coach, Consultant & Mentor to 350+businesses all over India – From S,M,L,XL,XXXL Size biz from Kerala to Jammu, from Mumbai to Kolkata and many places in between.

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Oh, I no longer have a back pain, and I can tell you how I did it

Your new friend
“Guru of Untold Pain to Unexpected Gains” Shivaram