Dear Retailer,

Thank you for your interest in our Retail Gurukul’s Systematic Profit Plan, popularly called SPP.

  1. Whom is it meant for?

A new normal has started. It will differentiate between those who are open to a continuous improvement and those are not.

This SPP has been specifically developed for Progressive Jewellery Retailers who are keen to grow their business, in a post Carona World.

  1. What are the areas it will cover?

It will teach you how to run a more efficient business to achieve your dreams and goals. It will cover the entire business from end to end. From front end to back end, from a consumer’s entry to exit. In these lock down times and the slow market that is expected after opening, it is time to plan and be

  1. Who has created this course?

This course has been developed by Mr. Shivaram, Director of our company Retail Gurukul. Shivaram was the Head of Merchandising for many years at Tanishq and has held other important roles in Tanishq in Supply Chain, Distribution, Sales, Training. He resigned in 2012 to set up Retail Gurukul and has since worked with over 350+ jewellers across India and abroad. He and  his team have also trained over 15000+ people from small retailer store staff to a recent project of training over 3600+ staff for a single retailer.

  1.    Is there any way a jeweller can improve his business from his experience?

He has written 2 books – A guide to jewellery retailing in Hindi and English . These are available as E Books and Hard copies for someone who wants to self-learn.

  1.  How else can a jeweller benefit from his wealth of experience and expertise?

To specifically help jewellery retailers to benefit from the safety and comfort of their home and stores, he started the “Multi Vitamin Online Course”.

  1. How does this “Multi Vitamins Course” work?

Normally, Mr. Shivaram and his clients are in touch with each other on a regular basis. This has been the major factor in the “Process Of Ongoing Improvement (POOGI) that his 350 + clients have seen over the many years.. He has now built a mainly online course

  1. Silver Club – Multi Vitamins Course

Based on his experience and expertise, Mr. Shivaram has developed a Best Practices which he uses as a template in his coaching practice. The “course syllabus” is as under:

  1. Purpose What is the purpose of your business beyond money
  2. Plan – How to have a written down business plan for the next 3, 6 and 12 months
  3. Places – Location and Interiors ( High Street vs Mall Vs Online, 1 to 5 Star Interiors)
  4. People – Customers (Identifying and communicating with them), 5 Star Customer Service
  5. People – Sales Champions ( Hiring, Training, Motivating and Keeping them), Selling Skills. Is your staff doing everything possible to make the sale?
  6. Personal Skills –  For you . Do you have the personal skills required to achieve your “new” business and personal goals?, Getting Things Done
  7. Products – Buying smart and saving money from dead golden jewellery (like furniture) in the store
  8. Performance metrics- A dashboard and How to monitor  your business and personal goals
  9. Promotion – Above and below the line, budget on how much to spend on marketing etc.
  10. Partnership – How to create win- win partnerships, Vendor Loyalty
  11. Processes – Build processes to improve the business and monitor them as well.
  12. Profits – Up and Up – Consistently
  13. Problems – Down and down – consistently.

Weekly Coaching Calls.

Every Monday Zoom Online Coaching classes of 90 min duration are conducted, where Mr. Shivaram will personally answer questions raised by the members of the Club. He will also present a new concept or an idea or even discuss one of the above topics in more detail. Ex. How to survive the next 90 days of opening the store, post the Carona Crisis.

What can be my biggest pain area that can be solved by this program

What is the investment?

4  options are available.

  1. Level 1 – A introductory class of 90 min is typically conducted every day at 5 pm. Fee Rs.999
  2. Level 2 – A paid class of about 3 to 4 hours is typically held at Mondays at 12 noon as part f the course. This is priced at Rs. 5,000 including GST.
  3. A monthly membership for 30 days is priced at Rs. 20,000 plus for 4 to 5 classes which are held every month on Mondays.
  4. A 3 months course (called Phase 1 ) is recommended and is priced at Rs. 15,000 plus GST per month and the pass is for 3 months. Total due is Rs. 48,600  after deducting GST. A gst invoice will be sent after payment.

9. How soon can I expect to see results?

You will be able to see results in less than 90 days. Whether it is creating a business plan or deciding on the slow moving stocks, that is stuck for years, or working on how to sell better.

However, like all course, you can get results depending upon how fast you will implement the ideas and suggestions that we share in the course.

An idea like a proper welcome can be implemented immediately and see the results immediately. Some things like overhauling the entire inventory may take a few months to a year. That is the reason, we are doing this course in 3 month cycles, so that each retailers

This program is for those who are willing to commit to a Process Of Ongoing Improvement (POOGI). It is like a 90/180/270/365 Days Cricket Match. T20/ One Day/ Test match. Each has its own benefits and efforts required. We improve in areas where there are opportunities on a continuous basis, with the ultimate aim of achieving our dreams and goals.

How do I know this is worth the money?

A typical jeweller with a stock of 30 kgs has a “carona virus” of old inventory of 10 kgs. At  todays prices, that it self is worth 4.5 Crores of Rupees. A big amount for any one. This despite having jewellery experience of 10 + years for the purchaser of this jewellery. Right.

Something is wrong, in the process and there must be ways to improve, similar to what companies like Tanishq are doing. Shivaram Sir was Merchandising Head, when all these processes were started in Tanishq and you can also learn and implement them.

A 45,000 Rs is a small investment to learn some of those techniques compared to a Virus of Rs. 4.5 Crores. Do you agree ? Do you now think, it is worth  your money?

We believe, this is the best course available in this country for jewellery retailers at this price and I am willing to challenge any one on this and its benefits.

I am sure you know it already and you would want to join the course, so that you can take the maximum benefit of this starting as early as this week !

Every day lost is an opportunity lost! Opportunity to improve waits for no one and every day lost is a lost opportunity.

Right of admission is also reserved as this is a club for progressive jewellers only.

Payments can be made by clicking below link.

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If you need any other clarification, please let us know or you can call Mr. Shivaram on 9036036524 or email him personally at

PS: The sessions will be mostly in Hindi and English, with preference for Hindi.

PPS: Prices are subject to change, and prices applicable on date of confirmation by Retail Gurukul will apply.