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Are you are facing challenges?


1. I want to GROW my business but don’t know- how

2. What can I do to see some quick results?

3. Business is getting difficult to do, what can I do to solve my problems?


4. Loyal Customers are no longer loyal

5. New Customers are not coming regularly either.


6. Our staff is not good – They are unreliable.

7. Sunday is a busy day and my staff suddenly go on leave.

8. It’s difficult to get new staff.

9. My staff can’t close a simple sale.

10. I want to train my staff.

Personal Skills

11. I have no time for myself.

12. I want to autopilot my business.

13. I have lot of problems.

14. It is so difficult to convince others in my family.


15. My stock is never sufficient for “Aur kya hain” customer.

16. I want to autopilot my business.

17. I have lot of problems.

18. It is so difficult to convince others in my family.

Performance Metrics

19. What is Stock Turnaround? Everybody is talking about it.

20. What should be my expected ROI?


21. How much should I spend on Marketing 

22. Should I do print media or digital media?


23. Vendors/Suppliers don’t have new designs.

24. My vendors are unreliable – They never deliver on time.

Processes & Procedures

25. I am always involved in all the important work.

26. Where is the time for “new things”?

27. It takes a lot of time to close my shop at night.

28. My loyal manager stole my money. What to do?


29. There is too much competition in the market.

30. I am now forced to sell the 916@916 rate. The old margins are gone.

31. Competition is taking away my loyal staff. What can I do?

Profits Improvement & Problem Solving

32. Making charges are at 3 % in competition. How can I even survive?

33. Can you help in increasing my profits?

34. Most of wealth is “cash” not even insured.

If these are the problems which you are facing right now then, I have something for you...

I am organizing an online workshop where I will show you how to solve these problems.

Date: 14th June, 2022

Time: 2 PM to 5 PM

Day: Tuesday

Where: Zoom(Online)

About Us

Shivaram A

Shivaram A

Shivaram ‘Sir’ is a much sought-after Coach and Mentor to Professional & family retailers, manufacturers across India and abroad. He has worked with 5000+ businesses, trained 15,000+ staff.

He established Retail Gurukul in 2012 as a boutique Coaching & Training company in 2012 with the vision of helping businesses get “organised”. 

His clients include S, M, L, XL, XXL businesses. 

These are family, professional, public limited companies, government bodies, international organisations, manufacturers, trade bodies, etc.

Earlier, he was with Titan Watches & Tanishq Jewellery for 20+ years during which he held handled multiple roles across Merchandising, Training, Sales, Supply Chain, Services etc.

He is a man full of practical ideas and has helped introduced multiple profitable new initiatives.

He is passionate about 5 Business Pillars – Planning, People-Customers, Product, Place and People-Staff. Inventory Optimiszation especially “non-moving-golden-furniture” is his passion.

Abhijit Achwal

Over 25+ years of experience in business operations, sales and distribution, retail operations and strategy, marketing including social and digital media strategy, brand building, innovation, automated retail, product development, merchandising and assortment planning across luxury and lifestyle retail, FMCG, telecom and health & wellness categories.

One of my key strengths is to leverage technology to improve processes and improve profitability. I love using data analytics to drive customer loyalty and sales. My core strength is the proven ability to deliver goal-focused financial and operational excellence and add value in any setting.

Worked across several geographies and categories in India and overseas including Rosy Blue Group in the Middle East, Tanishq, Asian Paints, Vodafone and the Times Group.

What Clients Say

It has been a transformation for us
Bhavin Jakhia
OM Jewellers, Mumbai
I should have attended this program 5 years ago.
Kerala Jewellers. Chennai
Shivaram Sir’s ideas on marketing are all “emotional marketing ideas”. Ideas that worked for me.
Mahesh Thombre
Thombre Sarraf, Bead (Maharshtra)
Retail Gurukul and rather Shivaram ji is by far one of the ablest and professional persons I have met in a while. When we started, we had data but somehow we were not utilizing it in a better way to gain from the insights. The journey started with analyzing the data we were sitting on for years. We started as a pilot at the flagship store to see how we can achieve greater performance with data insights and other metrics.We took one step at a time and kept taking smaller steps to achieve more than 4 stock turn cycles in a year. It sounds unbelievable but it can be achieved if we take the right steps in the right direction. Last but not the least, I can say this with surety that Shivaram ji is that catalyst who can ignite the fire more and take the rocket higher in no time.
Nishit khimji
Khimji Dayabhai & Sons, Balasore, Odisha
Retail Gurukul