Want to Gain Independence From Your Business?


Do you want to be independent?

Stop Working like a “naukar/worker” in your own business?

Having Coached over 5000+ business owners, I find many business owners work like naukars & not as investors in their own business.

Do you know why?

They work 365 days and 24 hours “inside” their business, taking responsibility for everything.

It is not a surprise to find the staff “idling” while the owner is busy “doing the work of the staff, he pays them to do”.

Ex. Suppose you purchased a product for 30,000Rs. you would expect to sell it at say Rs. 36,000 and make a profit of say 20%. Right?

That Rs. 30,000 product is say your employee and you would expect him to sell “products” in your store say a jewellery piece of Rs. 30,000 and sell it for 36,000 Rs too. and earn you a profit of Rs. 6,000 Right?

What is “your cost” to the company. 

Say you earn Rs. 5 crores as your annual profit, because you currently spend 365 days in your business.

But your goal is to grow the profit by, say, 2 crores to 7 crores. That is a 100% increase in 365 days, by Aug 15th, 2022.

Now, you need to be honest with yourself. 

Do you think, with what you are doing so far, will you be able to generate 2 crores extra or do you need to do something new, something different? 

To G.R.O.W the business. Only then can you generate an additional 2 crores profit, right? 

That would be a dream come true. 

Isn’t it?

Yes, you need to do something new.

Having Coached over 5000+ businesses in the last ten years, I know how hard it is for business owners to do something new, something different. 

We all need some help and support.

So, to help as many business owners are possible achieve their dreams, I wrote this book.

Want to G.R.O.W your business? 

How can a coach help you?

In Part A, I discuss how is your business doing today? 

How can you G.R.O.W your business?

How can you make your dreams come true?

etc . 1 to 6 Chapters from 1 to 38 pages.

In Part B, I discuss, Why you may need an outsider’s help to G.R.O.W your business. 

Does a Coach have all the answers to my problems etc. 7 to 20 Chapters from 39 to 123 pages?

In Part C, I talk about myself! 

What areas can you expect to be coached, Retail Gurukul’s G.R.O.W model of coaching, etc. 21 to 27 Chapters from124 to 165 pages.

Annexures include a My 10 Step Dream Action Plan, A thank you for my supporters and multiple testimonials from my clients and friends.

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Order Here – G.R.O.W Your Business.

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