Dear Jeweller,

I have exciting news to share with you.

In few weeks, we will be launching our new book “Want to G.R.O.W Your Business, How can a Coach help you.

This book is based on my experience of working with 500 retailers in past 9 years.

In this book we have discussed:-

Chapter 1: How is your business doing today?

Chapter 2: Exploring the effort required to “Grow my business”?

Chapter 3: What does “Grow My Business” really mean.

Chapter 4: Can I “Grow My Business” myself?

Chapter 5: But I am so busy in my work that I hardly have any personal time. What can I do to “Grow My Business”?

Chapter 6: There are many problems in my business. How can I solve them?

Chapter 7: How can I identify G.R.O.With Opportunities

Chapter 8: How will your business be in 10+ years.

Part B

Chapter 9: Why you may need an outsider to help your business?

Chapter 10: What can this outsider do, that I, the business owner, can’t?

Chapter 11: What is the difference between a Coach or a Consultant or a Trainer or a Counsellor?

Chapter 12: Are you Coachable? Should I change the way I work? /How will it affect my working style?

Chapter 13: How can I know if a coach is suitable for my business?

Chapter 14: Does a business Coach need to know all my business secrets?

Chapter 15: What happens if I disagree with what the Coach is asking me to do?

Chapter 16: What is best for you? Group Coaching or Individual coaching?

Chapter 17: We are a family business. I am convinced we need a Coach, but I have to get my family’s approval. How can I convince them.?

Chapter 18: How can you get the most out of a coach?

Chapter 19: How a coach can help your resolve a conflict in the family business?

Chapter 20: What is the benefit of using coaching to improve performance

Chapter 21: What is the benefit of using coaching to improve performance/ What can Coaches do for you?

Chapter 22: What are the typical areas, where a business Coach cannot help me?

Chapter 23: What is the guarantee that Business coaching really works?

Chapter 24: What if the coaching program does not work?

Chapter 25: Is business coaching worth it?

Chapter 26: How do you evaluate the effectiveness of coaching?

Chapter 27: What is the GROW model in coaching?

Chapter 28: What questions you should ask your coach?

Chapter 29: Who is a Business Coach?

Chapter 30: What are the typical areas where a business Coach can help me?

Chapter 31: Does the business coach have ready answers to all my problems

Chapter 32: What qualities you should look in a coach?

Chapter 33: What should be a Coach’s background before I engage with him?

Chapter 34: Does it help to have a coach who works with multiple types of businesses?

Chapter 35: How important is the personal integrity of the Coach?

Chapter 36: Some coaches get a commission for recommending a product/service. Is that a good or a bad thing?

Chapter 37: Should I compare two Coaches before I decide to work with one?

Chapter 38: Should I bargain with the Coach on his fees? How do Coaches charge?

Chapter 39: How should we connect with a business coach, when we are in different locations?

Part C

Chapter 40: What is Mr. Shivaram’s background as a Business Coach?

Chapter 41: How many clients have he worked with so far?

Chapter 42: What are the results from his coaching program?

Chapter 43: What is the duration of a typical engagement with him?

Chapter 44: What are the different areas of his coaching?

Chapter 45: What are the different businesses Mr. Shivaram consulted? Is my type of business included in his consulting?

Chapter 46: Retail Gurukul’s G.R.O.W Model of Coaching

Chapter 47: Thank you


It will be available in Hard Copy.

You can pre-register for the book by clicking on the below link.

Pre-register – Want to GROW Your Business

If you have any question please call Rahul on 9632081405

To Your Success