What can You Learn from Ganesha?

What can You Learn from Ganesha.

Have you ever thought about Ganesha like this?

1. A big head to think out of the box.

Learning: From a business perspective, when almost everything is now a commodity – merchandise or advertising, we need an out of the box thinking to grow our business. Ex. A jeweller has recently started fine jewellery on loan service. Will it work? We don’t know, but it is certainly an out of the box thinking

2. Large ears to listen to others attentively.

Learning: From a business perspective, have you been listening to the consumers who are younger and more likely to buy mobile phones more frequently than say jewellery?

3. The axe, to cut off all the bonds of materialistic attachment.

Learning: From a personal perspective, how are you living your life beyond money and materialistic needs. Do you meditate or exercise?

4. A large stomach to peacefully digest all the good & bad things in life.

Learning: Difficulties are part of life, more so as we have all experienced in the recent past. Are you now ready to bounce back? As a smart business owner, have you invested in reviewing the failures and learning from them ex the golden furniture of dead inventory in your business? Have you analysed why consumers are so passionate about your store and how you can have more such passionate consumers to grow your business?

5. Enormous eyes to look beyond what you see.

Learning: A lot is happening in the market. Reliance is getting into life sciences, Dunzo has got into groceries, Phone Pe into mutual funds. What are you doing for your business that you have not done before? It is said that if you aim for the sky, you will at least hit a coconut tree. We need to look beyond the 4 walls of our business.

6. The broken tusk represents a sacrifice needed for pursuing wisdom.

Learning: Knowledge is almost free on Google. What is missing is wisdom. Have you considered getting a coach to help you grow your business? Have you read my book “Want to G.R.O.W your business?.

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7. The laddoos are the rewards of hard work.

Learning: The sweetest thing of all is really the outcome and the result that comes after all the hard work. Whether the rewards are small, big or it comes immediately or sometime later than expected, it is said; it is bound to come. If you want a crore of rupees, then it is said, we must do ten crore rupees of hard work

8. The mouse represents the desire & ability of Lord Ganesha to reach into every nook and cranny of the mind

Learning: Too often, we may have the desire for many things in our life, but our ability to achieve them needs to match our desires. We are all expert cricket commentators from the comfort of our drawing rooms. Yet, how many of us can give a live commentary on the next neighbourhood cricket match?

9. And Finally, the Prasad represents giving and sharing.

Learning: We all live in a society. Somebody has given us something or the other. Right from our birth till our death, we have benefited from the generosity of someone else. Similarly, it is our duty to share the wealth, the experience, the time we have with others who require them.

We @ Retail Gurukul wish you happiness, prosperity and peace during the Ganesha Season.

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