What’s Their Cheese(Your Employee)


This message is for all the employees of your company.

Please take a printout and ask every employee to read this and explain it to you first, and then to other employees!

Dear Employee,

Wishing you a happy festival season.

The world has certainly changed and has affected each of us personally and even the business we are working.

Some businesses have done very well, some survived, and many businesses have shut down. Each of these has affected the business owner and the employees as well.

As an employee, you have a personal responsibility to yourself, your family and the business. If the business does well, you benefit, but if the business does not do well, you are definitely affected. You have seen this personally, amongst your friends, colleagues and on your social media.

Now and the future.

As a Business Coach to businesses in all parts of the country, I have a close understanding that businesses and their owners are facing today.

This message is to ask for your increased contribution to the success of the business you are working in.

Customers are now going out once again and starting their shopping. You are already seeing this with more customers coming to our stores, with the start of the Navaratri season from today.

Your advantages:

Each of you, because of your experience and knowledge, are quite good at doing your work, especially what has been given or told to you. 

This was sufficient to get the job done and also to continue to work in the company.

What has changed since the pandemic?

The expectations of the customers have changed, the expectations of the business owner have changed and even the competition has changed.

Customers want “door delivery” for almost everything. From Breakfast to Dinner to School education and everything is now on-demand!

Businesses are working extra hard to attract customers, because of the above-changed expectations.

Competition too is working extra hard to attract the same customers.

Customers, of course, are having a good time.

What does it all mean to you, as an employee?

The expectations of the business of you as an employee have changed. You may have noticed, the number of employees is lesser than before.

Each of you has a bigger responsibility than ever before.

Pre Covid, your responsibility was to just service and sell to the customer who walks into your store. 

Your job was “salesperson”.

But, now you need to learn “marketing” skills to get the customers into the store. 

Your new job is now “marketing and sales”.

Now, your responsibility is to get the customers into the store, improve customer shopping convenience and help the company become customer friendly. 

The Government calls it “Ease of doing business”.

Unfortunately, jewellery shopping is not as easy or convenient as say grocery shopping at the local store or even mobile shopping on the internet right? 

So, learn marketing skills, use new technology, use video marketing, get comfortable doing video calls with customers, learn how to teach customers how to use WhatsApp Video and show your products, complete the sales on the phone and help door deliver the products.

A new world is opening up.

Watch the video on “Who moved my cheese”. –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSgaPsYlnz0 

Identify who you are today and who you want to be in the future.


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The future is in your hands.



Shivaram A