What’s Your Cheese?

Dear Retailer,

I, Shivaram from Retail Gurukul wish you a wonderful Navaratra, Dhanteras, Diwali and Laxmi Pooja festival season both at a personal level and a professional level.

Celebrate the good news. The markets have opened up even during Shrad.


Amazon & Flipkart opened their annual sales during shrad and they are reporting big sales figures for everything from groceries to fashion to furniture.

Surely, many of us in these traditional brick and mortar businesses would have been thinking shrad was a low sales period.

Is it so?

Here is an extract from the book “Who moved my cheese”.

I can’t help but wonder where we would be today if we had sold the real estate under all our stores and built one great modern store to compete with the best of them”.

Do you sometimes have a similar feeling?

The good news is you are not alone. The bad news is there are many like this, who are now regretting when they see multiple new stores coming into their market and doing much better than them in a few years, while they have been in the same area for decades but are now losing customers to this new competition.

Several businesses, held back expenditure in the pandemic, not sure of how the business will be. 

Were you among them too?

But, you now want to grow your business, because both you and the competition are doing better. But there is a problem.

There are many options.

Option 1: Are you ready to invest but not sure where to invest? Even though your business is doing well.

Option 2: Are you quick to go in search of new opportunities just because the existing ones are now old and not working?

Option 3: Are you comfortable only with the current status, because the future is uncertain and you want to protect what you have?

Option 4: You know the current scene is not good, the golden days will not come back and you need to go out with the uncertainty and find some new solution. Even though you don’t know if such a situation exists or not?

Step 1

I suggest you watch this wonderful video about 4 “characters”. Sniff and Scurry – Two mice and Hem and Haw – two humans or little people.

Step 2

Each of us has some Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw in some proportion. Write them down. It could be 40:20:20:20 or whatever.

Step 3

Now identify which “personality” you want to reduce and which “personality” you want to increase.

Step 4

Take a list of your employees and identify them as SniffScurryHem and Haw – in Hindi, it could be Sniff is सूंघनाScurry बहुत तेजी से आगे बढ़ो (bahut tejee se aage badho), Hem (undeciding) or Haw हाँ और ना करना.

Just like each of us, the employees, too, will be in a similar mix.

Some of them are open to change, some are very active all the time, some are always negative to any idea and some will understand and change the way they think and act. Just identify one major category between the 4.

Step 5

Now, identify what is your “new cheese” as this book explains and identify what will you do if you want the new cheese.

Step 6

If you have identified what is that new cheese you want and need help in getting to it, send me a WA message on 903603624 with your name.


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Let us talk.

I have helped 100’s business owners like you find their new cheese. I could be of help to you, too. (helping business owners and their employees is my new cheese)

The link to the video is here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSgaPsYlnz0 

Thanks & Regards,

Shivaram A

Retail Gurukul