What’s Your Definition of Success?

What is Your Definition of Success?

“Success is a test match. It is not really a T20 match”

This really is a great quote. 

Not only is it interesting but also inspiring.

One truth that I find most frustrating as a coach is that many people believe that success, in whatever field of endeavour they are currently striving for, is rather like winning the lottery.

In fact, it certainly seems from the evidence that they in fact believe that success is even more random because they aren’t even buying a ticket.

They are simply passively waiting.

If you listen to people talk, you won’t hear many people voicing this opinion of success, but look around you and watch what people are actually doing – or rather not doing – and you will quickly see what I mean.

Ex. Most retailers are thinking that the gold rate is going up, as they calculate their profits based on the increase in weight and value of the gold in stock.

Many people want things – they want to be rich, they want to be at the top of their profession; they want a successful marriage; they want to raise great kids; they want to be respected in their community, and so on.

But what do they do to achieve this success?

Are they working both hard and smart toward their financial goals and living frugally while they do so?

Are they constantly learning and striving at their job?

Are they showing their spouse love, consideration, understanding, and generosity?

Are they spending time with their children both modelling how to be a good person and being generous with their love and understanding?

Are they regularly proving themselves an asset within their community by being a good neighbour in every sense of the word?

We all know that we must accomplish these tasks as I set them out to achieve success in these areas.

Probably I missed something as well. I am hardly a model of success in every area. I would in fact describe myself as fair to middling.

I am certainly not rich but the bills get paid and our basics and then some are covered without too much stress. 

My boss, peers, and subordinates think I am doing a pretty good job as well as those that I serve professionally. While my marriage is in fairly good shape I know I could certainly put more into it. I think I have a great kid but know well my failings as a father.

I contribute to my community but nowhere near the level that I could or should.

How do you define success?

Is it money, career, love, marriage, family, friendship, respect, community?

For me, success is primarily about love. 

How many lives do I touch with mine? 

How many hearts? 

Who has been changed by my existence in a positive way?

I hope that people judge me as a good person and that if I died tomorrow that there would be great mourning.

What it Takes to Succeed in Business?

Business is tough in today’s world! Most small businesses go bankrupt or are closed abruptly in the first five years. 

Over the course of the next five years many of the remainders also “pack up” shop and lock their doors. 

Why do so many businesses fail?

The reasons lie in three main spheres. Those spheres of influence can be labelled personal, customer, and operations.

The Personal Sphere deals with the owner’s personal motivation to start a business.

For example, if an owner wants to start their own business, but isn’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary to make it thrive, then they are at a disadvantage when compared to other motivated businesspeople. 

When a business starts for the first time often it doesn’t have a lot of money. Owners are required to sacrifice time, money, and happiness to succeed. 

If you can’t do that, it is unlikely that such a business will flourish. Many times owners thought they could handle the hardship but once the novelty of “being your own boss” wears off they close the door.

The Customer Sphere is one of the most important components of your business. 

Without customers you do not have sales, without sales you do not have money and without money, you do not have a business. 

Many factors go into generating a good customer base. In the beginning, you must have a cost-effective marketing strategy that targets your intended buyers.

This can be done by developing a psychological profile of your customer and then advertising in those places that they frequent. 

Because it is more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep one you must make sure they are satisfied with your business and product. 

Keep in touch with them by sending them a follow-up letter with a survey.

The Operations Sphere is only second to the Customer Sphere. 

In operations you must have an appropriate method of reducing costs, keeping track of paperwork, and maintaining improvement. 

Operations can also take into effect the tax paperwork, accounting, scheduling of workers, benefits or any non-producing functions.

If all of these three components are well thought out and are appropriately designed you will increase your chances of survival.


Failure to understand the integral details of your business and what it takes to succeed may mean failure in the long run.

If you are having difficulty putting all the pieces together then consider a small business consultant.


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