Become a better retailer and step up your retail jewellery business.

Do you want to make more profits from your store?

In last few years, retail jewellery industry has gone through lots of changes.

I was getting lots of questions from retailers across the country and it was becoming difficult to answer their questions at the time they wanted.

That’s when I got the Idea of writing a book so that everybody can get benefit out of it and you can refer this e-book any time you want.

This e-book will lay down the foundation of your retail jewellery business success. 

About me

I am Shivaram, founder and director of Retail Gurukul.

I have worked with Titan and Tanishq for more than 20 Years and in 2012, I started Retail Gurukul to help jewellers like you in making more profits.

In last 6 years we have worked with more than 300 retailers and trained over 6000 retail jewellery staffs across India, Dubai and Vietnam.

What will you learn in this e-book?

In this e-book, you will learn about how to improve the “Front-end” and “Back-end” operations of your retail jewellery store which will help you in make more profits.

This e-book is in 2 different volumes.

First volumes focuses on the Front-end part of the retail jewellery business.

1. How to position your store in the jewellery market-  Branding has become and important aspects of any business today.

2. The new 4 C’s of jewellery retailing-  what are the new 4 C’s of retailing that makes a retail business successful.

3. Ways to have an eye-catching jewellery store signage.

4. How to design a jewellery outlet with inviting interiors.

5. Points to improve parking in a jewellery showroom.

6. Ways to improve foot traffic to a jewellery showroom

7. Ways to improve your Jewellery Window Display

8. Window shopping to worthwhile shopping – how to achieve this paradigm shift?

9. How to attract customers to your Jewellery Showroom

10. Ways to welcome customers to the Jewellery Showroom

11. How to retain customers at a jewellery showroom

12. The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service for Jewellery Retailing

13. It’s all about execution!

As you can see all the above chapters are focused on improving The front-end operations of your retail jewellery business.

Improving these areas will drastically impact your sales as these are the direct touch point with the customer.

You willl be able attract more people to your store and hence you will be able to sell more.

The Second volume of this e-book focuses on the Back-end operations of a retail jewellery store.

Here are the topics which I have covered in this Second Volume:-

1. Ways to optimize pricing in a Jewellery Showroom

2. Keeping operational costs in check in a Jewellery Showroom – some tips

3. How are seasonal discounts decisive factors in Jewellery sales

4. How to get repeat sales for your best-selling jewellery

5. How Saving Schemes really work for Jewellery Retail

6. Tips for training sales staff for Jewellery Retail

7. Why is OOH advertising an absolute must for Jewellery Retail

8. Making the most of Festivals for Jewellery Retailing

9. How to promote jewellery gifting to get better returns?

10. How to ensure that the customer visits your jewellery

11. Inventory management tips for Jewellery Retailers

12. Best Inventory practices for Jewellers

13. It’s all about execution!

Back- end operations will help in increasing your conversion rate.

If you are able to increase the conversion rate from the people who are  coming to your store, you will be able to make more profits.

Things have changed and you also have to change the way you approach your retail jewellery business.

Who should read this e-book?

If you are a retail jeweller who is facing challenges in improving retail jewellery business then this e-book is life saver for you.

If you are stuck in your business and have no idea what to do next then this e-book is for you.

Big retailers is coming in your area and you don’t know how to compete with them then this e-book is for you.


How will I get the e-book ?

:- Once you make the payment, e-book will be sent to your registered email id with in 24 hours.

2. Is it available in Hindi?

     :- Yes, It’s available in both the languages. English and Hindi.

     3. Can I read it on my Mobile?

:- Yes! It’s an e-book so you can read it on any device like Mobile, Laptop or Tablet.

Are you ready to transform your retail business?👇👇👇

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