A Guide to Jewellery Retailing(Hard Copy)

Dear Jewellers,

Would you like to improve your retail business?


Would you like to make more profits than ever before?

Yes, Yes? 


But, would you like to take less risk to make those higher than ever before profits?

Yes, everyone likes to reduce their risks, in these difficult times.

Then I have something for you. From my 30+year of Retailing experience with brands like Tanishq, WHP, Manubhai, and over 300+ jewellers across India, I believe

Change is happening everywhere..

Do you agree with me?

Retail jewellery landscape has changed a lot in the last few years.

1. Customers, Environment, Competition has changed in the last few years and will change even further in the next few?

2. Even the gold rate, which was increasing year after year, many years ago, has remained more or less the same on a year on year basis.

3. Some jewellers have succeeded, while many have failed. Some are surviving 

These are the kinds of problems which keeps a retail jeweller is facing..

How do I know this?

I am a retail consultant and trainer.

My name is Shivaram, I have worked with Titan and Tanishq for over 20 years and started Retail Gurukul in 2012.

Retail Gurukul is consulting and training company which has helped over 300+ jewellers improve their business and profitability.

I speak to many retail jewellers on a regular basis and these are the challenges I hear regularly.

1. I have more than 30% slow moving inventory.

2. It is difficult to get new customers 

3. Conversions rates are low

4. Staff commitment is low

5. I have a lot of stock, but not the products, that my customers wants to buy.

6. Dead stock is causing a problem in cash flow of your business. 

7. I wish i was a money lender, rather than a jeweller. I would have made more money.

Do you agree?


The time has come when you have to take the organized approach to run your

retail business.

You need to create the plans and the processes to expect the predictable outcome.

Yes, it takes time to build these processes. 

But, it is now or never.

And, it takes guidance from someone who has done it earlier.

It’s your business, it’s your money.

You just can’t sit back and expect some magic to happen.

If you are willing to solve your business problems then I have the required guidance

for you.

I have written 2 books “A Guide to Jewellery Retailing” Front End & Back End.

In this guide, the strategies which I have shared has been tested and proven multiple


It works every time, when executed right.

These are the exact strategies which I used to help my consulting clients in solving

their problems and improving their profitability.

In this guide. I have shared my experience of working with 300+ retailers in last 7

years + over 10+ years at Tanishq.

The 2 volumes of book in English and in Hindi, over 200+ pages. Accessible on any phone/laptop or a print out on your table. 

Here’s what you are going to learn in this book.

1. Why creating a process for inventory buying solves 90% of your problem.

2. How can you build the process of buying the inventory which your customers

will love.(It’s Science)

3. How can you build a regular customer base who will love to buy from your

brand again and again.

4. How can you successfully, market your business to attract new customers.

5. How to motivate your staff to sell more.

6. How to use the right product pricing strategies.

7. More, Many more such ideas in 25 chapters.

If you are like the jewellers whose business i have helped, then I know this guide can help


This “A Guide to Jewellery Retailing” book is in 2 volumes.

1. Volume 1 focuses in the front end aspect of the retail jewellery store. It will

show how to optimize your front end operations. There are many small things

which make a big difference.

2. Volume 2 focuses on the back end operations of the retail jewellery store. It

will show you how to optimize back end operations. It will help in improving

the conversion rate. It has many part in it and all the part has to work together

to produce the desire outcome.

You have a choice.

Either you try to figure it out by yourself and lose time, money and energy.


Buy this guide, implement the strategies in your retail business and see the


Please remember, every single day when you are trying to figure out what to do to

solve your business problems, you are losing money to your competitors.

Customers are going to them and buying from them.

Maybe your competitor will use these same methods and transform their business.

Why let them take advantage?

Take the required action today. 

This book is the small investment which you are making to transform your


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Go from Good To Great in your business.

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