1. Product / Services & Pricing Policies

We are a Mentoring, Consulting and Training Company providing services of business and profitability improvement to small, medium and large organisations across India and overseas markets in multiple retailing verticals. We deliver these, both in face to face and digital media format through our team of passionate and experienced professionals with deep domain expertise.

Pricing for our services are based on the services offered, the duration of the service and the challenges to be overcome and the results expected to be achieved. We believe we offer our clients exceptional service with multiple times return on the fees we charge. We also have un-refusable money back offers, for those who are willing to take us up on them.

Pricing and other commercial terms are offered to our clients based on specific objectives and are valid till the end of the contract, unless cancelled or updated during the period based on mutual consent. We often work on just hand shake agreements because of the trust we enjoy with our clients.

2. Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and we assure you that your personal identification and other details will not be sold or used for any purpose, other than for the purpose for which it was shared with us. If you come across any such instance, we request you to please report the same directly to us for immediate attention and we will do our best to resolve the problem.

3. Terms & Conditions

All our agreements are subject to the usual terms and conditions that are agreed upon at the time of signing of the contract, and explicitly agreed upon. These may vary from client to client and from situation to situation. If there are any implicit understanding, please get them clarified to avoid any miscommunication and misunderstanding later.

4. Return, Refund and Cancellation policy

The Return, Refund and Cancellation of the agreed terms will again be based on the terms of the agreement. We are always open to a return, refund or even cancellation of our services in case they do not meet the agreed terms and conditions. The time limit for the same depends on individual contracts. We offer a no-question asked 30 days money back policy on all our mentoring, consulting and training services.
This may not apply to pay-outs made by us on your behalf to other services providers on such things as hotels and conferencing facilities, server space, software licences which we would have provided as part of our services.     Clients wishing to claim a return or refund of the payment made should send an email to retailgurukul@gmail.com within 30 days of ​payment of the invoice . Those wishing to cancel our contracted services are also to send an email cancelling our contracted services.

5. Disclaimer

Not withstanding any of the above terms and conditions, we offer our services on a “best effort” basis and the results and the benefits that accrue are to our client organisations.

6. Intellectual Property

All the intellectual property, the registered trademarks, licences are owned by their respective owners. We may use them as part of the services we offer on a need to use basis only. However, clients need to have their own licences etc for their use.

7. Shipping Policy

Where applicable, we might ship products, books, training content, etc on a best effort basis to the clients at the addresses provided.

8. Process flow to purchase the product & service – end to end.

As a service organisation, the process flow depends on the needs of the client organisation, the objectives and the results expected. In general, it will involve analysing the situation, identification of the opportunities and challenges, offering solutions, support in implementing the solution, trouble shooting during implementation, performance monitoring on an ongoing basis and closure of the contract as per agreed terms. While the attempt is to complete every contract as per agreed terms and conditions, there are chances of deviation due to multiple factors both within and outside the organisation. Our request to all the parties involved is to raise the issues as soon as they surface or anticipate them where ever possible before they become a bigger challenge or a lost opportunity.

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