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Om Jewellers Narendra Bhai and Mukesh Bhai

Om Jewellers – Mumbai Bhavin and Bhavesh Jakhia .

Nathmal of Parag Jewellery, Chennai.

Nishit Khimji of Khimji Dayabhai Jewellers, Balasore, Orissa

Retail Gurukul and rather Shivaram Ji is by far one of the most able, and professional persons I have met in a while. We have been in touch since last couple of years and It all started with a phone call one fine day seeing an ad on Instagram when we decided to partner with Retail Gurukul for training our sales officers and improving our business performances.

When we started off, we had data but were somehow not utilising it in a better way to gain from the insights. The journey started with analysing the data that we were sitting on from years. We started it off as a pilot at the flagship store to see how we can achieve greater performance with data insights and other metrics. We took one step at a time and then kept taking smaller steps to achieve more than 4 stock turn cycle in a year. It sounds unbelievable but it can be achieved if we take the right steps in the right direction. One of the major step included the RSO’s training, which helped us a lot to achieve the same.

Now that we have achieved a more than 4 stock turn at the flagship store, we are now scaling the same model to all our stores and making a Purple Book of rules which we will be referring to always in terms of the steps we took that worked.

As a brand we always believe that we have to agile and we always think how we can improve even better. Last but not the least, I can say this with surety that Shivaram Ji is that catalyst that can ignite the fire more and take the rocket higher in no time.

Mahesh Thombre(Thombre Jewellers)

Sanjay Kalsi – JD Solitaire, Delhi

Ashish Pethe – Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers, Mumbai


Neeraj Jain – Nikkamal Jewellers, Chandigarh

Azhar Husain – Kalamandir Jewellers, Surat

Raju Purohit, Kalamandir Jewellers, Surat


and many more happy and satisfied clients amongst our 400+ businesses who have benefited from our short, long services in both offline and online program.

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