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“Would highly recommend to all jewellery retailers. Thank you for the valuable knowledge look forward for more such sessions.”

Vaidehi Jewels

The term Consulting indicates providing advice on a particular subject matter to help someone who needs suggestions to improve their business better than ever before.

What is Retail Consulting?

Retail consulting is a role played by a professional person who has expert knowledge and experience in the retail industry. Retail consultants share their ideas, suggestions and advice based on proven strategies to retailers who want to develop their business. They mainly focus on the profits, people, performance and products, etc. Implementing consulting suggestions helps retailers to keep their customers happy, retain motivated employees, have the best of saleable merchandise and cut inefficiencies.

The main motive of every retail consultant is to set the clients on a profitable path and rescue them from distress situations. In a traditional industry such as retail, it is easy to stay in the past and continue with the status quo. However, it takes courage to come out of the comfort zone. It takes guts to experiment with new ideas. Successful brands and businesses are built by people who took calculated risks.Tanishq, Malabar Gold, Senco, and Joyalukkas are famous examples.

Are you faced with challenges related to changing past experience, want to transition to organised retailing, and don't know where to start?

Then you are at the right place. It is right here.

  1. People (Customers):  Are your customers loyal to you? Do you know, when was the last time they came and whether they bought or not? What did they buy? Are you connecting with them regularly?
  2. Product Management:  Is your stock turn improving year-on-year? Is slow moving stock coming down?
  3. Promotions (Marketing):  Do you find it hard to reach your customers? Do you want to try newer ways to reach out to them?
  4. People (Staff):   Do you want to improve sales conversions and motivate your staff?

Do you and your team want to exploit the huge opportunities that are now available for organized retailers and yet are unsure of where to start?

Do you need support and guidance to achieve these and other criteria? If yes, then Contact Us.

Retail Consulting Services in India

Retail Gurukul was founded in 2012 in Bengaluru, India and specializes in retail consulting services, jewelry consulting and retail training. We help retailers and manufacturers significantly improve their business performance and this is conveyed through our tagline “Extra Dhandha, Simple Fundas”.

Retail Gurukul has a proven track-record and practical approach to problem-solving.The Team has successfully worked with Small & Medium Size Single Stores, Large Single Stores, Family Run Chains, Professional companies and International Organisations.

The Retail Gurukul team includes professionals from the Jewelry business with various levels of expertise, experience and roles. The Retail Gurukul consulting team members have a wide range of contacts across in the jewelry industry and beyond, which they leverage to meet clients’ objectives.

Retail Gurukul has helped businesses from Mumbai to Gorakhpur, Kota to Cochin, Kolkata to Manipur to improve. Shivaram, our Founder was part of the Tanishq’s roller coaster of a story for over a decade and you know how successful Tanishq is today.

Looking to improve your retail business, but not sure?  Get a  FREE 30 minute Retail Consulting service with India’s #1 Retail Consultant.

Want to know what our Retail consulting service clients say?

“Shivaram is an authority in Art and Science of Retailing.”

Tushar Phule

Jewelry Consulting

Are you in the retail jewelry business? Looking for a retail consultant to solve your problems? We launched Akshaya Retail Jewelry Consulting Program to solve some of the common issues retailers encounter:

  • Want to grow the retailing business, and need help?
  • Problems are plenty; opportunities too but where should one start?
  • Where do retailers spend the maximum amount of their time?
  • What are retailers' biggest challenges and opportunities?

We will help you solve it, you gain confidence.Then, work on the next big problem or opportunity and work your way up the revenue chain.

Akshaya Retail Jewelry Consulting Program

Start from a business plan, redefine your customers, set up Inventory rules, Group Problem solving sessions.

When:  Every Tuesday from 10 am to 12 noon on Skype type Online classes.

Free:  One Face to Face meeting

Duration:  12 Sessions in 3 months.

Investment Fees: Priceless! 

Who will benefit? Owners of Small and Medium Retailers from anywhere in the world.

Language:  English and Hindi and Q & A in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil as required.



It takes our kind of experience and expertise to know where to start, where to go and how to go there, or even, where not to go. A few years ago, many of them were in your place. Today, they are doing better, much better. Don't you want to be there too?

Retail Gurukul clients have seen higher profits from improved cash flows, motivated staff, committed vendors and significant improvements in stock rotations from a 0.25 to 0.60 in the plain jewellery/jewelry category in less than a year and 0.25 to 0.5 in Diamond studded jewellery/Jewelry.

Want to know what our clients saying about our Jewelry/Jewellery Consulting

A 180 degree change …

Our association with Shivaram has practically done a 180 degree change to our company, our profit, policies, the way we operate, our attrition has gone down, the vendor satisfaction is through the roof…

Samir Sagar, Managing Director, Manubhai Gems Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.

A fantastic learning for all retailers in the jewellery industry - with all this experience, Shivaram is a mega store of knowledge. Highly recommended!

Kapil Hetamsaria,

It was great experience talking with Shivaram Sir ….When we talk to a brilliant and experienced person, surely we get lots of new knowledge and advice, which once again I experienced.

Shiju Sudevan

Retail Consultant Profile

To help you achieve extraordinary results, Retail Gurukul’s Expert Retail Consultants will work with you on Merchandising, Motivating your teams, cost-effective marketing solutions and hand-hold you too, to better profitability than ever before.

Our Founder Mr. Shivaram was Tanishq's Head of Merchandising, Training and Regional Sales for over 10 years. He set up Retail Gurukul in 2012, and 100+ companies have benefited from his expertise and experience as a retail consultant.

Understanding the uniqueness of each client, working on their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses has been the benchmark of each of our engagements.

See what one of our clients saying,

I was asked some very uncomfortable questions. My biggest pain area was cash flow.

Sanjay Kalsi, JD Solitaire, New Delhi

If you also want to grow your business than You can take benefit of 30 minutes free retail consulting service. want to know more about it? You can call anytime at 90360 36524 or Contact us

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